Do I have to live in a house to win

Believe it or not, we get questions like these quite often. In fact, the whole reason I’m writing this blog is because my apartment-renting friend Deb asked ME “do I have to live in a house to win from Publishers Clearing House?”

The fact is that our unstoppable Prize Patrol team prides itself on delivering prizes to ALL kinds of different places – houses, apartment buildings, hotel rooms – even aboard an Atlanta-to-Los Angeles flight!

Hey … I know from personal experience that we deliver prize only a portion of the time to winners in private homes.  When my fellow PCHer Tony and I pitched in as Prize Patrol “deputies,” we delivered one prize to a country elementary school … and another to an I.R.S. office (don’t ask!).

Prize Patrol always finds winners

(And this is all beside the fact that our winning Sweepstakes numbers are selected electronicallythe folks in our Contest Department have no way of selecting winners based on where or how they live.)

So that’s it in a nutshell: it doesn’t matter whether you “own or rent” … whether you live in a house, apartment rental, a nursing home, a mobile home or a tree house.  If you win one of our prizes, you’re going to get it!

Prize Patrol finding winners wherever they are

Stop doubting and start entering – today and every day you can!

Hope to hear from you ….


PCH Creative

P.S. Check out this photo that shows where some of our past winners have lived!

PCH winners can come from anywhere

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