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Ever Wonder What It’s Really Like To Work At PCH?

“Yes, we are real. I have a desk and everything.”
“No, it’s not rigged.”
“Yes, people do really win!”
“No, it’s not a scam.”

If you haven’t already guessed, these are answers to the questions I get after telling people I work for PCH, and I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve used these answers over the past 3 years I’ve worked here.


When I first started, I already knew the company was extremely popular and well known across the country. It wasn’t until I had been here a few weeks, and had gotten into various conversations with people in my everyday life, that I realized what kind of reactions I would be getting as I told people where I worked.

So what kind of reactions do I get? Well, sometimes I get shock, sometimes excitement. Every so often though, I get one really curious person who asks a ton of questions thinking I can “help” them win. While I am proud to be a PCH employee and work for a company that can change people’s lives, I cannot help anyone win or “put in a good word”. It simply does not work like that. All PCH winners, as you know, are chosen at random.

One of my most recent experiences was not too long ago when I was in a crowded nail salon with a close friend of mine who’s a teacher. As we waited for our turn, a lady sitting next to us waiting was grading papers, which prompted my friend to start up a conversation. I joined in eventually and was asked, “Oh, are you a teacher, too?” “No” I replied, “I actually work as a copywriter for Publishers Clearing House.”

Suddenly I was getting asked if PCH was a scam, if people really win and one lady even asked me what she had to buy to win! While these reactions are sometimes comical, I love to take these opportunities to explain to people that it’s not a scam, people do win, and that no, you don’t ever need to buy anything to win!

After my experiences, I wondered if my fellow co-workers had similar stories.

Rachel K., a social media employee shared what her most common reaction was. “So can you rig it so I win? Har har har”…and they always tell me that they’re just joking, but I always respond the same way, that it wouldn’t be possible even if I wanted to because our winners are chosen completely at random!”

Tom A. agreed, and said he gets questions like “Do you deliver the Big Check? Will I see you on TV? Is it really real? and Do they really give away all of that money?” Then I explain to them how we are 150% real, and they are then amazed and happy at how much attention to detail and care we put into our sweepstakes.”

Fellow blogger Jane M. said “I have gotten reactions at the dentist’s office like “I didn’t think they were a real company” or “Do people really win those sweepstakes?“ Or “Can you help me to win?” People have also said, “I enter all the time!…I love hearing that one!”

Fellow creative employee, Fred P., shared an email from a friend saying, “WOW on you working for Publishers Clearing House because I need to win that. Can you rig that for me please? What would make me happy is you showing up at my house with balloons and a check for a million or two. Can you handle that? I’ll be looking out the window every day for you, K?”


So PCH fans, unfortunately I won’t get the opportunity to meet every one of you and answer all these questions in person. But take it from me — a proud PCHer — REAL people do win all the time at Publishers Clearing House!  So please, keep on entering, don’t ever lose hope and maybe YOU could become our next big winner!

Best Of Luck!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

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