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Do Real People Win at PCH? YES, YES, YES!

Greetings, fans and friends,

If you’ve been reading my continuing series about real people winning smaller prizes from PCH, you know for sure that PCH is not fake – it’s the “Real Deal”. Of course, everyone knows that the famous PCH Prize Patrol awards life-changing SuperPrizes to some of the most fortunate folks on the planet, but not everyone is aware that PCH awards loads and loads of prizes in much smaller amounts all the time – like $5, $10 or even $1,000 – plus gift cards and home appliances, too!

In this edition of my “Real People Win at PCH” blog, I’m spotlighting 4 happy individuals who’ve won prizes from PCH!

Real people win at PCH

First up is Monaliza H. (pictured above with her big smile and her winning $1,000 check). She tells us that receiving that check made her cry all day – she was so thrilled and surprised. She also won small amounts on the Lucky Loot Wheel on Facebook and at She also looks forward to hopefully winning the PCH SuperPrize because it will change her family’s life and help her in her goal to serve less fortunate children.

Monaliza wants to share her good news with all of you:

“PCH is the real deal because I won a total of $1,040 and counting! And I’m so grateful for all of my previous winnings with PCH.”

She also wants to share her favorite motto: “Good things come to those who Believe. Better things come to those who are Patient. And the best things come to those who Don’t Give Up!”

Karen C. is thrilled to win $10 at PCH. She won playing PCHLotto scratch-off cards, and looks forward to winning bigger prizes someday. She says:

“I’m doing my best, and that’s all I can do. I’m gonna WIN! I did win $10 and I’m happy … and still looking for that big WIN!”

Norman B. recently won a Keurig Brewing System valued at $139 at the PCH Token Exchange. Congratulations, Norman on your win! I hope all you fans and friends out there enjoy playing PCH Token Games and redeeming your tokens for a chance to win at the PCH Token Exchange!

Carla K. won $5 playing token games on (her favorite game is “Money Drop”), but she’s already thinking about what it would be like to win the life-changing SuperPrize:

“Thank you, PCH, for the check you sent in the mail,” she posted recently on the blog. “It makes me want to put my hands up and shout all over – Yah, ah, ah, ah, aaah – just to think how happy someone could be to win big. It has got to be a blast for the PCH team to capture the joy and magic! Oh, well … back to score more tokens and keep my eyes on the prize, as they say!”

So, there you go! Real people DO win prizes at Publishers Clearing House! Are YOU one of them? Write back to me in the “comments” section below. I’d love to put your story – and maybe even a picture of your smiling face – on the blog!

Stay real!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. Yes Yes Yes!!! You can WIN PCH, one day Bam!!! You could be richer then you
    were before, and you don’t have to buy anything – Just be respectful, and honesty will go along ways with PCH.

    PS. You just have to be positive when you play or you will loose out, I won’t 10 dollars from PCH, and because I got upset at so little I miss the big picture Plus I lost the 10 dollar check…

    PSS. Be happy and play from home, and you never know , you may find something in PCH store, any good magazine’s you see, be patient, it will go on sale and if you find 3 mags at the same price, GO for IT … Its worth it in the long run to..
    Enjoy from Jim.