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Think Publishers Clearing House Prizes Aren’t Real? Think Again!

Maryann Carter from Publishers Clearing House

Dear Friend …

When people find out where I work, they still ask, “Are all those Publishers Clearing House Prizes for real?” And actually, I’m a good person to ask …

You see, I’m the manager of our Contest Department, and so for over 20 years, it’s been my job to make sure that every word we say about our Publishers Clearing House Prizes is 100% true .

It’s not just my say-so – it’s the law. As mandated by state and federal legislation, all Publishers Clearing House Prizes must be awarded exactly the way our mail, TV and ads say they will.

In fact, before we put a new Bulletin in the mail, it goes through a 3-step review process: by our attorneys, by my department (the Contest Department) and by an independent law firm.

We love thinking of ways to make it more exciting and fun for friends like you to enter to win our Sweeps prizes. But if they don’t follow our strict legal guidelines, they won’t make it into the mail or online either!

Look: we’ve been a thriving company for over 60 years. We are NOT about to put that success in jeopardy because of careless or inaccurate statements about our prizes.

So if anyone says that the Publishers Clearing House prizes aren’t for real,
remember what I told you: “If PCH says it, it’s got to be true … period!”

All the best,

Maryann Carter
Manager, Contest Department

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