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Publishers Clearing House Surprises 3 New Sweepstakes Winners!

It was a whirlwind adventure when we surprised not one, not two, but THREE Sweepstakes winners with $10,000 EACH in just one week! Lots of prep went into our journey to find our winners, and it was worth every minute! All of our winners were priceless in their own way – each so grateful and ecstatic to receive a Big Check!

Our first adventure was to Philadelphia, PA where our first $10,000 winner, Estrella Colon, lives. As always, we headed to the florist to pick up the bouquet of red roses, and when the florists saw us, their jaws practically hit the floor! One of the women said that she had to take a double look at our blazers because she was in such shock! Well, we made a believer out of her! On our way out of the florist, a nice man walking down the street stopped in his tracks and said, “IS THIS FOR REAL?” of course we assured him that we were as real as can be! Another believer made!

Sweepstakes Winner Estrella Colon

As we pulled up to Estrella’s home, many neighbors came outside and starting taking pictures. After a few knocks on the door, a lovely woman opened up. It took her a few seconds to comprehend who we were, but as soon as she looked down and saw us holding a BIG CHECK, she put her hands over her mouth and started to cry! Estrella said she has been living poorly for a long time, and that her winnings came at the perfect time because she had to pay off an expensive medical bill. All of Estrella’s neighbors and friends came over to congratulate her saying that “if anyone deserves it, it’s Estrella!” We couldn’t be happier for our first $10,000 winner!

Shortly after, we hit the road and were on our merry way to surprise our second $10,000 winner, Joseph Fritts of Rising Sun, Maryland! We knocked on Joseph’s door, but Joe did not answer… his wife did, who informed us that Joe was still at work. Connie was very cooperative and called Joe to come home. Now all we had to do was wait! About an hour later, while staked outside of the Fritts residence, a man pulled up to the house and walked inside! This was our cue to get the cameras rolling and run to the front door before Joe could see us! When we revealed the Big Check to Joe, his face lit up as if he had just won millions! Joe and Connie were both so excited and grateful to have won, because it will be their 30th wedding anniversary next week, and they would LOVE to use this money to go on vacation together! Talk about timing.

Sweepstakes Winner Joseph Fritts

Two amazing Sweepstakes winners down, one more to go! The next morning we awoke refreshed and ready to award $10,000 to Samuel Johnson of Washington, D.C.! Samuel’s neighborhood was a very lively one! Lots of neighbors, construction workers, and even the mailman were taking pictures of us walking up to Samuel’s door! After a few knocks and doorbell rings, we weren’t so sure that Samuel was home when suddenly a distant voice said, “YOO-HOO! Up here!” We looked up, and there was Samuel peaking his head out of his second story window! “Come on down, Samuel!” we said with much excitement. Finally Samuel came down, and when we revealed a Big Check in his name for $10,000, he was practically speechless! “Would you look at that!” he mumbled, with tears in his eyes. Samuel said he could really use the money to help support him and his wife. And was extremely thankful to us for coming to award him his prize!

Sweepstakes Winner Samuel Johnson

Three diverse Sweepstakes winners, all with the same kind of happiness. It was truly amazing to make not 1, not 2, but 3 people’s dreams come true in a row! We can’t wait to get back on the road to award our next winner…wherever and whoever it may be!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

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