What would you do first if you won the SuperPrize tomorrow?

It’s coming up! Tomorrow we’ll be awarding an awesome $1 Million SuperPrize! Just imagine that amount of money falling in your lap! If you were the winner, what would you do after the Prize Patrol comes to your door and hands you the Big Check? You’d certainly have a lot on your mind! Watch this video to see what I mean!


So what would YOU do first? What would be the first thing on YOUR list?

Would you pay some bills? Many people have bills they’ve been hoping to pay off. For you is it student loans or maybe your cell phone bill? A One Million Dollar prize could take care of either of those very easily!

Maybe the first thing on your list would be to buy a bigger house! With a bigger house, you’d finally have plenty of room for all of your family members, space for your pets, your belongings, and EXTRA rooms so you can really spread out! How nice would that be? $1 Million can buy a LOT of home!

How about going on a vacation? Maybe you’d just need to get away and relax so you can clear your head. You could travel to just about anywhere with $1 Million!  Where would your dream destination be?

All of the above sounds like good ideas for your “first thing” checklist, but maybe THIS should be your first one: deposit the check!  Of course you can’t deposit the “Big Check”– besides, that’s better suited for hanging up on your wall! But when that REAL CHECK is in your hands, you’d want to make sure it gets into your bank account safe and sound!

What would be the first thing YOU would do if you won our $1 Million SuperPrize? Tell us in the comments below!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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