Do only older people win at Publishers Clearing House? YOU know better!

YOU PCH blog readers and fans know the real deal – that statements like “only old people win at PCH” are just not true! YOU know that our winners are ALL ages, from all walks of life – and we’ve that had many younger winners, including “Forever” Prize Winners Michael Miller and Tamar Howard pictured below.

Do young people ever win at PCH

And with another “Forever” Prize – our FOURTH – authorized for award on August 31st in our special early look prize event, YOU know that everyone has an equal chance to win, whether they’re young or old … own a house or rent an apartment … live in the city or the country – no matter what!

Do only old people win at Publishers Clearing House

Plus, there’s no way our contest officials can “pick” winners based on how old they are, where they live, how often they’ve entered – it just can’t happen. Smart friends like YOU know our winners are selected electronically and totally at random.

Just wanted to set the record straight … and encourage EVERYONE to go for this tremendous life-changing prize that could be awarded in weeks:

Special Early Look Forever Prize

Remember, there all kinds of fast, fun ways to fire up an entry today and every day, so go for it!

Tell us now: When YOU hear someone say something silly like “only older people win at Publishers Clearing House,” WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO THEM?  We’re counting on you blog readers to set the record straight!


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