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Lucky, The PCH Big Check Says: Stay In It To Win It!

Upcoming $7,000 A Week For Life Prize Event Could Be Your Turn To Win!

Lucky the big check

Hey – it’s me Lucky, The PCH Big Check.

Now, I know some of you are ready to knock out the zeros on my freshly-inked $7,000 A Week For Life Prize and ask why I didn’t come to your door yesterday.  But before you do, I want to tell you all about something Mama Windfall told me years ago…

Stay In It To Win It!

You see, in the Windfall household, we believe everything happens for a reason…and that a little bit of faith can move even the biggest bank vault doors!  And Grandpa Windfall would know — he survived being stuck in a vault with A MILLION, giant, check-eating Silverfish bugs (or that’s what he told me, anyway)!  If you see him, ask him about the holes on his payline — he loves talking about it!

I bet we’ve all got victory stories like Grandpa’s that make our dollar sign light up with pride, but what makes them so special isn’t what we went through — it’s what it felt like to come out on the other end as a survivor, a victor or a Winner — with an exciting story to tell.

Because Success is BETTER Appreciated When You Try, Try and Try Again Some More!

Have you been trying to Win with PCH?  If so, I’ve got some great news … you get to TRY AGAIN!

That’s right — today’s another day, and it’s filled with opportunities for YOU!  So, Keep The Faith,  Stay in it to win it and Don’t give up because soon I’m going on the road for our new October 23rd Prize Event that could make you $7,000 A Week For Life richer — but only if you’re in it to win it!

Take it from a Big Check who’s been routed around the country a few times — sometimes having to wait means that something better is coming along soon.  So, get out there and keep on trying — you’ve got nothing to lose and $7,000 A Week For Life you could gain!

Good Luck
Lucky, The PCH Big Check

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