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Our mighty Giveaway #4900 has REALLY paid off!

Giveaway 4900 Winners

In less than a year, Publishers Clearing House Giveaway #4900  has made four wonderful people real-life millionaires!

And the unstoppable Giveaway #4900 is STILL roarin’ to go! More about that later …

Now, let’s take a look back at our Giveaway #4900 Million Dollar Winners – and see how their lives have changed since winning their big $1,000,000 prizes.

Brian Willis $1 Million Winner

Last November, our Prize Patrol surprised executive-turned-missionary Brian Willis of Lexington, South Carolina. Although he had given up a comfortable lifestyle to help others, Brian admitted that money was tight – and that his Giveaway #4900 winnings were “a blessing from above.” He’ll “use it for good,” take care of some debts and maybe even invest a few dollars.

Mark Johnson $1 Million Winner

A few months later, Mark Johnson of Dolgeville, New York got HIS Giveaway #4900 $1,000,000.

When we caught up with Mark afterward, he had his sights on buying a new truck for his business … a new vehicle for his wife … paying some bills – maybe even going on a trip (he’d love to have “the Las Vegas experience”).

Mark’s advice to YOU?  Believe me, it’s true. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.”

Boris Clinton $1 Million Winner

Our Prize Patrol hardly had time to take a breath before they flew out to California to award yet another Giveaway #4900 SuperPrize to Boris Clinton in Oceanside.

Now, Boris says he’s “found himself dancing” when thinking about his $1,000,000 windfall – and talks about helping his family … buying a nice new car and perhaps taking a trip to Europe, where he spent part of his childhood.  To folks considering an entry into our Sweeps, Boris urges, “Just do it!

Robert Gonzalez $1 Million Winner

And just a month ago, Robb Gonzales of Lakewood, CO got the surprise of his life: another $1,000,000 Prize from our seemingly bottomless Giveaway #4900.

A flabbergasted Robb – our 80th winner of a $1,000,000 Prize! – talked about paying off bills, caring for his beloved pets and doing something nice for his family.  He said he hadn’t had a vacation for years – I hope he starts packing his bags soon!

GUESS WHAT? All these winners have 1 thing in common! They all won from a Special Early Look prize event. That’s right, in each of these cases, we had taken a special early look to see if we had a winning number. When we didn’t, we STILL gave away a Second Chance prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS. And these winners sure are thankful for that! Wouldn’t you be?

We’ve got ANOTHER Giveaway #4900 Special Early Look prize event coming up in weeks – that could make someone else $1,000,000 richer – or maybe even “SET FOR LIFE”!


So act now to join Brian, Boris, Mark and Robb as the FIFTH member in the “Giveaway #4900 Millionaires’ Club.” These real-life, wonderful people all kept the faith and kept on entering UNTIL THEY WON!

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