“How Do I Get PCH Emails” You Ask? Here’s How!

Hey there, blog readers!

We’ve been listening to all the comments coming in on the blog, and we’ve noticed that some of you have been wondering: “How do I get PCH emails?”

What a great question!

As you know, there are so many different ways to win here at Publishers Clearing House, but the easiest way to get started every day is by receiving our emails! They not only grant you access to many exclusive opportunities, but they’ll also keep you in-the-know about the most exciting ways to win AND get you straight to all the big prize opportunities you love with just a few clicks!

So for those of you wondering: “how do I get PCH emails,” here’s how to get a “winning” inbox and maximize your opportunities to win!

How to Get A “Winning” Inbox

1. Go to http://www.pch.com

2. If you are logged in already, please sign out (at the top of the page).


3. Click the “Begin” button to start a new entry.


4. The page will ask you to fill in your information. Please do so.


5. Below the information section there will be two check boxes. To receive the http://pch.com promotional e-mails, please select the box that says, “Yes! I’d like to be informed of special contests and offers from PCH.com and their partners.” Selecting this option will opt you in for http://pch.com and PCHlotto emails.


6. To receive promotional emails from PCHSearch&Win, please select the box that says, “Yes! I’d like to be informed about chances to win prizes instantly from PCHSearch&Win”.

If you have any issues following these steps, or if you have any questions, please visit our Customer Service Page for more information.

So if you haven’t already signed up to receive PCH emails, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and you’ll get more chances to win, plus the latest news on our special opportunities – right from your inbox.

And if you already get our emails, that’s great! Why not comment below and tell others why you think they should get them too!

Good Luck!

Keiran C.
PCH Creative

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