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Free chance to win

Yes, you can enter every day at Publishers Clearing House – and play our fun and exciting online games to win fabulous prizes – all without spending a penny! And I’m sure you folks know that it’s hard to find a place where you can get a chance to win FOR FREE nowadays.

Let’s take the state lotteries, for example. Do you buy “instant win” lottery scratch off tickets at the convenience store or newsstand? Here in New York, those tickets can cost as much as $20 apiece. THAT can add up.

But if you play at Publishers Clearing House, and choose from all our brilliant Scratch Off games at, you could still win instantly AND save all your hard-earned cash!

PCH Scratch offs

The state lotteries aren’t the only place that can cost you a small fortune for a chance to win. For those that may thrive on the color, action and excitement of casinos, I don’t need to tell you that THAT can cost some serious money.


Why not try PCHSlots where you can spin for a chance to win FOR FREE instead?

And, of course, lots of people spend money every week on lottery tickets, going after BIG-stakes, life-changing prizes.  At PCHlotto, there’s a drawing for our huge Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot every day – and entering to win it is 100% FREE!

Big PCH Jackpot

So you see, there are lots and lots of ways to WIN BIG at Publishers Clearing House … without pulling out your wallet or even leaving your home – and we’ve got the winners to prove it.

So save your money and enter to WIN with us – because everything we do is FREE!

Sending winning wishes your way …

PCH Creative

P.S. What’s YOUR favorite FREE way to enter to win our prizes?  We’d love to know … so please, jot your answer down below.


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