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Introducing Our New PCH Customer Service Live Chat!

In this day and age, everyone wants information FAST. Our smart phones, computers, laptops and tablets have put the world at our fingertips with incredible speed and 24/7 access.

Our PCH Customer Service representatives totally understand that, and they’re working hard to make sure you can access any information you need day or night. If you haven’t already checked out our new and improved Customer Service FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) site, you can click right here to find a wealth of information designed to answer some of the questions we hear most often.

But what about any other questions you may have? You might have a technical question, and need some step-by-step directions to follow (plus some “hand holding” along the way)! Or maybe your game froze, and you want to get back to playing immediately! You could be having trouble just logging on, or you have a more specific question about your account and need an answer right away.

That’s why we’ve come up with a brand new solution. Introducing LIVE CHAT. You can now “talk” to us in real time!  Get instant answers by having a one-to-one “conversation” with a PCH Customer Service representative! They’re standing by to help answer any questions you may have at that very moment!

Just go to the FAQ page and you’ll see “Live Chat” at the top of the page.

PCH Customer Service Live Chat_1


Click on “Live Chat” and you’ll see a page that looks like this:

PCH Customer Service Live Chat_2.jpg


Just fill in the required fields with your information and select a “Reason for Contacting Us” to get started.

PCH Customer Service Live Chat_2

By selecting a specific subject matter, you’ll be assured of reaching the Customer Service Representative best suited to answering your question. Enter your question in the “How Can We Help?” box and you’ll be on your way!

I’ll show you a sample of a live chat to give you an idea about how easy, and how helpful, it can be:

PCH Cust Service Live Chat

It’s best to start a live chat from the specific website you have a question about. Just click the top of the FAQ page for, PCHSearch&Win, PCHgames, PCHlotto, or PCH APPS. Then click on the “Live Chat” button at the top of that website’s page. You’ll notice that this conversation was started under the PCH APPS Site. The customer has entered a question about his game freezing up on the PCH Play&Win app.

PCH Customer Service Live Chat 5

The Customer Service Representative has referred the customer to a helpful website that can give him the answers he needs.

PCH Customer Service Live Chat

Here you can see the problem has been resolved. How convenient!

Live Chat is also mobile friendly and is available on the PCH mobile app for iPhone or Android.

PCH Live Chat is available from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm ET weekdays and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekends. If you have any questions, be sure to check it out! There’s nothing like getting up close and personal with a one-on-one chat! And don’t forget to let us know what you think of our new Live Chat feature in the comments section below.

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

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    1. Hi Frank, we apologize for the difficulties you have experienced. In order to resolve the issue, we ask that you please clear the cookies and cache in your browser. For step-by-step instructions, please click the following link: If you continue to experience issues after clearing your cookies and cache please feel free to reach out to us by using our Digital Assistant by clicking here:

  1. I play Deluxe Word Finder every day and have never made the leader board. I believe I have amassed over 90,000 points since I began playing. Terri N is on top of the LB with 70,900 points. That is for one play, according to the tech I spoke with. That is impossible; that means TN had over 23,000 words in 3 minutes. Granted, some were longer words, but that is not often. Is the TN score for one play correct? 

    1. Hi Jack! Thank you for contacting PCH. In order for us to assist you with your question we will need a bit more information. We kindly ask to please reach out to our Customer Service Team and check out this link here: Our representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 11 PM & Saturday 8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. Have a great day!

  2. How would I order the Chakra multi colored ring in size 8?
    I also want to thank the chat person who helped me, but I couldn’t send my last message.

    1. Hi Naomi! Thank you for contacting PCH. We’d be very happy to help you with this, but we will need a bit more information. We kindly ask that you contact us at your convenience. Our customer service representatives may be reached at We look forward to hearing from you!

  3. quiero saber, me contactaron primero x instagrant y despues por wat sap,diciendome que me habia ganado una camioneta y 3 millones de dolares ,pero me piden que compre una tarjeta valorada en 300 dolares parea poder validar mi premio,parece muy real,pero primero acudo a ustedes para saber si eso es cierto o es fraude, tengo que contactar por email a $$$$$$$$$$$$$$,osea a Andres Goldberg que tengo que comprar una tarjeta de Steam que tengo quen raspar el codigo de atras solo para ver el # de codigo,digamenme si es un fraude.para no seguir con esto.

    1. Hi Amarilys, that’s a scammer, NOT the real PCH. The real PCH doesn’t notify our major prize winners via phone, standard mail, email, or social media, and we never ask for money to claim a prize. Please report any details you have about that scam contact to us at this link: I also encourage you to check out these Safety Tips for some great info on what to watch for: Stay safe everyone!!

    1. Hello Susan! Thank you for contacting PCH. In order for us to assist you with your question we will need a bit more information. We kindly ask that you contact us at your convenience. Our customer service representatives may be reached at We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. I received a call this morning from a man named Frank white, who said that I won the PCH sweepstakes. He didn’t ask for anything but my address – do you have anyone working at PCH with this name? Thank you Linda.

    1. Hi Linda! That is not the real PCH calling you; it’s a scammer that’s only pretending to be from PCH. Please do not call that number back, do not give the scammer any personal info including bank account information, and definitely do not send them any money if they ask. If you haven’t already done so, please report that scam contact to us via the following link: I encourage you to read these Safety Tips too: Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim!