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PCH Fans Are “In It to Win It” – and They Really DO WIN!

Greetings, fans and friends,

When I read your blog comments, I am always impressed with your dedication and motivation. You’re “in it to win it”you’ll never give up … whether it’s by sheer will or belief in a higher power.

So, as part of my continuing PCH Blog series on smaller prize winners, I’d like to feature a new batch of fortunate folks who are “in it to win it” and, judging by their small but mighty wins, know for sure that PCH is “the real deal.”

Jamie Real PCH Winner


Here’s Jamie B. (pictured above), who recently won $250 on PCHSearch&Win.

“How exciting is that!” says Jamie. “I was shocked! I’ve been entering since July 2011 and that’s my first win ever! Made my day … and I’m hoping to win a big prize one day.”

Ellen B. knows that PCH is for real, and says “Last month I won a $25 gift card by searching on PCH Frontpage, so I know there are real winners. Thanks, PCH.”

Charles H. recently got a very nice surprise from Publishers Clearing House. “I am proof that you can be a winner with PCH,” he tells me. “I was very happy to learn that I had won $100! This isn’t like winning the $5,000.00 A Week for Life, but every little bit helps. Thank you, PCH!” Congratulations, Charles!

Talk about dedication! Marilyn W. has been entering the PCH Sweeps since the 1980s! Marilyn won $150 cash playing PCH Bingo!

“The games keep me in it to win it,” says Marilyn. “Thank you for your site. I love to play.”

Julie Real PCH Winner


Who’s that smiling lady above? Why, it’s Julie S., who recently won $100 playing PCHlotto Blast.

Julie says, “I had only been playing for about a month-and-a-half, and was pleased to see I had won something so quick. I have played other PCH games … no big win yet … but hope to one day!!!”

While searching on PCHSearch&Win, Natalie S. received exciting news – a flashing notification on her computer screen that she was a winner! Indeed, she won $250 cash!

Natalie tells us “I later called one of my sons who also uses your web search entries. Like myself, he thought he wasting his time all of these years. We both now remain hopeful that there could actually be another win someday with PCH.”

Remember Regina G. from last month’s blog? Well, when we told her story in December, she hadn’t yet received her check for $250, and she was sure to follow up with me and send me a picture (below).

Regina Real PCH Winner


“I hope this proves to the rest of the world that real people like me do win. Thanks so much, Publishers Clearing House, this $250 came right on time, right before Christmas,” she wants you all to know.

So, there you go, friends and fans! Another group of happy people who are living proof that PCH is for real!

Have you won a prize from PCH? Don’t be shy – comment below and tell me all about it. Your story just might appear in next month’s blog.

And if you haven’t won a prize from PCH, don’t fret! Stay “in in to win it” – enter today and good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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