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Giveaway #4900 Is Ending!

Greetings, fans and friends,

Giveaway #4900 is ending in a little less than a month, and I thought it would be cool to review all the thrilling winning moments this Giveaway made possible.

Some winners from Giveaway No. 4900 cried tears of joy, others broke out in shrieks of happiness, while still others stood there in shocked silence as the Prize Patrol handed them their Big Checks. And whether they attributed their new-found fortune to faith or to sheer luck, they all knew, at that moment, that PCH is very, very real!

On April 30th, Mark Johnson of Dolgeville, NY was in a state of shock when the Prize Patrol surprised him with $1,000,000! Mark, a self-proclaimed hard worker, planned to use the money to fix up his home and support his grandchildren. Mark and wife Cindy are grateful to now have financial security!


Boris Clinton of Oceanside, CA was sleeping when the Prize Patrol came to his home on June 30th! But it didn’t take long before he answered the door and was handed a PCH Big Check for $1 Million! Boris planned to first buy a new car and then help his friends and family financially. Congrats to Boris!


Robb Gonzales of Lakewood, CO got an unexpected knock on his door from the Prize Patrol on August 31st! Robb was the gracious winner of $1 Million, exclaiming that this is the best package he has ever received! The first thing Robert said he planned to do with his winnings was pay off some bills! (I’ll bet many of you would do the same if you won $1,000,000!)


Desiree Scudder of Irving, TX got a shocking surprise visit on October 23rd when the Prize Patrol came to her place of work and awarded her with a $1 Million SuperPrize! Desiree said she never expected to win the big prize – but she enters every day! She told the Prize Patrol she planned to take a dream trip to Japan with her winnings! Go, Desiree!


Most recently, on December 30th, Laurie Aragon from Farmington, New Mexico had her prayers answered just in time – literally. The power company was outside ready to turn off her electricity when the Prize Patrol arrived with a $1 Million PCH “Big Check.” This unemployed mother of 3 and grandmother of 2 is using the money to pay bills and help family.


Giveaway #4900 gave away $1 Million each to 5 lucky winners – that’s $5 Million in all! From the east coast to the west coast … “from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam” … folks of different  ages, from different backgrounds, and from all walks of life … they all won a PCH SuperPrize!

And you want to know what else is pretty amazing? Each of the past 5 winners of Giveaway #4900 won through “special early look” events  – where PCH officials take a “special early look” for a matching winning number from an ongoing giveaway! In a special early look event, if there is a match to the winning number, the big upfront prize will be awarded.  If not, a second-chance drawing is usually held, and a smaller (yet still exciting) prize is given away – in the cases of these five individuals, 1 Million Dollars! These 5 millionaires are sure glad we took those special early looks, because if we hadn’t, they wouldn’t have won all that money!

But now that Giveaway #4900 is ending, there are no more “special early looks”! No, siree! This is a final drawing – which means someone will DEFINITELY win $5,000 A Week “Forever” — $5,000 a week for the lifetime of the winner, and after that, $5,000 a week for life to someone special chosen by the winner.

Win $5,000 A Week Forever

That’s right – we’re awarding an amazing $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize this February 26th – GUARANTEED!

Which one of you out there will go down in PCH history as the final winner from Giveaway #4900 and the fourth winner of our “Forever” Prize? It could be none other than YOU! So, stay in it to win it … and stay tuned!

$5,000 A Week Forever Winners

Best of luck to you!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I WANT TO WIN GWY#4900 $5.000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE ALSO ENTERING $ GWY#21000,GWY#19990,GWY#18523,GWY#20657,GWY#20942&GWY#19500