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Vote For Your Favorite PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page Cover Photo!

Hello PCH fans! We hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! With the first month of the New Year almost under our belt, the PCH Prize Patrol thought it would be a good idea to get a fresh new cover photo on their official Fan Page on Facebook!

You see, certain things can get a little boring if they stay the same for too long! (I’m sure you guys can relate!) And because we love hearing from you, and we value your opinion, we figured what better way to change things up on our page than to ask the people that matter most to us?

Yes, we’ve decided to ask YOU, the fans, and we’re hosting a vote on the PCH Prize Patrol page where YOU the fans can participate and vote for your favorite!

Here are the 3 options you can choose between:

PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page Cover Photo Vote

Aren’t they fun? To vote for your favorite, head to the PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page RIGHT NOW! Our cover photo is a representation of our brand and our team members, so we want your honest opinion on which photo you think will fit the bill!

Thank you so much for being the best fans ever. Happy voting and Have a GREAT day!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

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