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Winning from PCH Online Sweepstakes Could Help Pay Your Bills!

Pay My Bills

Imagine you’re able to say this: “I can wake up every morning without a care in the world. I can pay my bills and not stress out at all. It’s a miracle!”

Is paying your bills really the first thing on your mind when you think about a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes?  We’ve all imagined it: winning a huge prize from PCH…and then finally buying that nice car, taking that long-awaited vacation, or going on a shopping spree for the latest fashions!

But let’s face it! Winning an incredible SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House would certainly change your life, but it’s best to be responsible with your winnings, right? We’ve spoken with many of our winners, and they’ve all said similar things: paying their bills was one of the greatest joys of winning!

Monthly bills like the utilities, cell phone, and daycare are to be expected, and those things never completely disappear. But what about these?

Your Mortgage – If you own a home, chances are you have a mortgage. Sure, you can make monthly payments, but do you really want to have to pay a large sum of money every month for decades? A huge SuperPrize win could pay off your house entirely!  Why, you could even just buy a brand new home with CASH, and not worry about a mortgage at all!

Student Loans – Many people who go to college can’t afford to pay the full tuition bill every year. Plus, with additional costs for room & board, text books and other fees, getting a higher education can become costly very quickl Whether you have loans from your education looming over your head OR you’ve wanted to go back to school and are afraid of the tuition, a SuperPrize would take care of either scenario very quickly!

Credit Cards – If you look up American credit card debt statistics, the numbers are staggering! Many of us carry a large amount of credit card debt that puts a huge burden on us. If you’re someone with debt like this, winning a SuperPrize would be a breath of fresh air! You’d be able to take care of the credit card bill AND actually afford the kinds of things you used to charge in the past!

Car Loan – Your average person depends on a car in order to get to work, pick up kids from school, and just live life! It’s such a shame that we have such expensive loans to pay off just so we can get from point A to point B! $7,000 A Week for Life would definitely help you pay your car loan bill very easily!

Those are just SOME of the your bills you could pay if you won from Publishers Clearing House! Of course buying life’s luxuries would be nice, but maybe this blog post will get you shouting “Pay My Bills!” when submitting your next Publishers Clearing House entry!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Is there any kind of bill you have that isn’t mentioned above? Tell us in the comments below!

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