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Win $7,000 A Week For Life or a Million Dollars?

Hi, PCH Fans!

Our April 29th Prize Event is just around the corner and the excitement here is mounting fast. Officials are working hard to process entries and prepare the big check, the Prize Patrol is getting ready for their grand appearance, and everyone at PCH is wondering:

Where will the Prize Patrol visit next?
Who will be crowned our new Winner?
Will the prize be $7,000 A Week For Life or $1 Million Dollars?

Now, I can see a few of you scratching your heads at that last one. “I thought I was in the running to win for life,” you might say. “What’s this about a million dollars?”

Glad you asked. You see, this is a Special Early Look Prize Event from Giveaway #6900, which is scheduled to end in February 2017. And, contrary to popular belief, “Special Early Look” doesn’t refer to one’s hairstyle fresh out of bed in the morning — it means we’re looking for a matching winning number for our big lifetime prize before the giveaway ends.

Basically, the winning number is selected at random. Then, we check to see if that number matches a number in our timely returned entries. If YOUR PRIZE NUMBER was timely entered and is a match, you will become our $7,000 A Week For Life Winner. It’s that simple.

BUT… If there’s no match to the winning number, what happens? Will we hand you your hat and say “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”? NO WAY, JOSE! Instead, we’ll conduct a second chance drawing in which you could become our base prize winner of: $1 MILLION Dollars!

That’s a hefty sum! Nothing to sneeze at, if you ask me. But don’t take my word for it. See what some of our incredibly fortunate second chance Winners had to say:

“I’m so happy… it really is true!”Laurie Aragon, $1 Million Winner

“Wow, this is amazing… and it’s real! I’m going to pay bills!”Robert Gonzales, $1 Million Winner

“Awesome! Didn’t cost me a dime, but I won!”Desiree Scudder, $1 Million Winner

“I feel great! I feel fantastic… I’m going to help my mom out!”Boris Clinton, $1 Million Winner

This is what I love about my job. We’re in the business of changing lives and making people’s dreams come true! It’s truly amazing.

Anything can happen on April 29th, and there’s only a few weeks left to find out. But for all of the questions surrounding this Special Early Look Prize Event, one thing is absolutely certain: THERE WILL DEFINITELY BE A WINNER!

Will it be YOU? If so, will it be for $7,000 A Week For Life or a life-changing $1 Million Dollars? There’s only one way to find out — and that’s to enter every single chance you get  Don’t give up! Keep the faith, and our next Special Early Look Event winner could be you.

Good luck,

Fred P.
PCH Creative

P.S. Would you be happy with either prize amount? COMMENT BELOW!

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