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#WinnerWednesday: More Real PCH Winners!

 Greetings, fans and friends! And let’s get started right away with another #WinnerWednesday!

If you’ve been following my blogs about real PCH winners, you’ll know that every other Wednesday I spotlight folks like you who have won smaller prizes from PCH … people who know that PCH is the real deal, and that real people win prizes from Publishers Clearing House all the time!

On this #WinnerWednesday, I’ve got some wonderful people for you to meet, so without any further ado, here we go …


Obviously, this is not a PCH winner … although he is one lucky dog! This is “Handsome Ted,” (handsome indeed he is!) and his owner, Margaret C. won a small prize from playing PCH’s online games.

“I’ve been playing since January 2012,” says Margaret. “Thank you so much. We are not doing well financially and every little bit counts.”

By the way, there have been several lucky dogs that have been spotlighted alongside their owners who have won prizes from PCH. Just last month we told you about a pooch named Pearl Bailey, whose barks brought $10,000 winner Pepper Bailey to her front door to greet the Prize Patrol!

Of course, we have no shortage of lucky humans here at PCH – like Donna C., who won a $10 gift card playing our fun and free games at

“I was glad I finally won something,” Donna says. “…this is the first time I have won anything.”

Athena F. commented on her small but mighty win after she read my last blog on real PCH winners. And Athena has a lot to say to you doubters out there:

“Non-believers: I just wanted to say that while I have not personally won one of the big checks … I can say in all honesty, from experience, that PCH DOES GIVE AWAY REAL PRIZES TO REAL PEOPLE! I’m proof!

I recently won the Samsung Galaxy tablet from the PCH Token Exchange. I’m very real, and can’t begin to tell you how thrilled and grateful I am. It came at the perfect time!”

Athena goes on to explain how one of her children, who wants to be a graphic artist, was about to have a birthday, and Athena had “zero cash” for a gift.

“My kids are awesome,” explains Athena. “They are such hard workers and just good people, and it was breaking my heart that I wouldn’t be able to do something for them this year.” She was at her wits’ end trying to think of anything that would make a decent free birthday present when she remembered her tokens from She took a shot, hoped for the best, and it worked!

Athena’s husband was skeptical at first but when the tablet finally arrived, she tells us, “Now he knows they do give away prizes for really-reals.”

By the way, Athena’s favorite games include PCH Lotto, our Mahjongg games and PCHBlackjack. She also enjoys PCHSearch&Win, and even calls in her entries every day by phone! Her experience with PCH goes way back to when she was a little girl, helping her mom go through the colorful PCH mailings and affixing the stickers onto the entry-order forms.

“It was exciting and I would daydream about how one day I could win!” she says.

Her advice to all of you is simple:

“I think if your heart is in the right place and you just give it all you’ve got, blessings will come!”

Want to read about more real PCH winners? Keep reading my #WinnerWednesday blogs! And enter every chance you can!

Stay real,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Prizes, prizes, prizes! PCH prizes are all over the blog this week! Check out my colleague Russell’s PCH Prizefest blog  – there are still plenty of days left this week for you to enter to win. And … my friend Matt has written a terrific story about the latest PCH SuperPrize winner – read it here!

P.P.S. If you’ve won a PCH prize (of any amount) and would like to be featured in this blog, comment below or tweet us using the hashtag #WinnerWednesday!

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