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What would you say if you won a PCH SuperPrize?

If the Prize Patrol showed up at your door, would you be prepared? If you won a PCH SuperPrize, would you know exactly what to say to Dave, Todd, Danielle and Howie? Would you clam up in surprise or would you express yourself, loud and proud?

Well, we’re about to find out how someone reacts on June 30th, because our Prize Patrol is ready to award our Win It All Prize – that’s $2 Million + $10,000 A Month For Life + A Lincoln MKZ – or a $1 Million Second Chance prize in our upcoming Special Early Look prize event!

Win It All SuperPrize

We’ve seen many different kinds of winner reactions over the years! With all the things they say, folks seem to always fall into different categories. Which category would you fall into? Let’s take a look!

First, there’s just the general exclamation when people realize that they’re winning a PCH SuperPrize. It’s usually a delayed reaction. They’ll wait a second and then say,
“Oh my goodness!  Would that be you? Or would you say, “Thank God!  Or maybe you’d say, “I knew it would happen! Or would you say, “Things like this never happen to me!

Why, these questions can probably reveal a bit about your personality!

The next thing people say reveals their intentions for their newfound fortune.

Some people fall into the “Action Plan” category!  These are people who are goal oriented, who have been expecting this type of good fortune to happen one way or the other. They say phrases like:

“Now I can finally go on that trip!
“It’s time to pay those bills!
“Finally, a new car!

The next group of PCH SuperPrize winners are those who immediately think about who they can help. After all, a large sum of money can be spread around very easily!  These people say things like,

“I can’t wait to give to my local non-profit!
“Wow, I can help my parents with this!
“I can’t wait to help my sister pay for her medical bills!

Then there are those folks who are focused on the next generation:
“I’m going to set aside some money for kids!
“It’s a great feeling knowing I can help pay for college for my nieces and nephews!

But of course, there are those people who say things like this:


Ha-ha, yes!  There are people who sometimes don’t say anything at all! Eventually our experienced Prize Patrol members try and get the winner to open up, so they might say something like, “wowor “that’s incredible,and that could be it!  My favorite of these monosyllabic phrases is “I’m speechless.

What category would YOU fit in? You still have some time to think it over, because as you read this, the Prize Patrol is getting ready to hit the road and find our latest winner! Comment below and let us know what you would say!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – We keep a running list of people who have become winners in June through our network of play&win websites!  My colleague Jane just posted the list at the PCHplay&win Blog! Head on over and imagine what you would say if you won one of those prizes in this fabulous month of winning!

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