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Do I Need To Enter Each Time I Hear From PCH?


Do I Need To Enter Each Time I Hear From PCH?

Greetings to all of you loyal entrants! I’m sure most of you enter to win the PCH Sweepstakes as often as you can and are In It To Win It!  But we have heard some questions and concerns from you in the past about how to make every entry count, and I’m here to help set the record straight.

More specifically, I hope to take the mystery out of whether or not you need to enter to win each time you hear from us in order to make your previous entries count. And to let you know there is no need to worry!

Some of you may be wondering, “Do I get penalized or ruin all of my previous chances of winning if I miss a day of entering”?

The answer, of course, is NO!  Each entry gives you another chance to win and, while we encourage you to take advantage of every entry opportunity, there is absolutely no penalty for missing any one of those opportunities – whether it comes to you through the regular mail or via an email, or through any PCH website or app. Rest assured that all of your previous entries for any ongoing giveaway are safe and secure!

Will I forfeit my existing entries if I do not respond to all of PCH’s emails?

Again, the answer is NO. If you do not respond to every email entry opportunity that PCH sends you, it will not have any effect on your previous entries for any ongoing prize opportunities.

Some of you may be concerned when you see the word “Forfeit” on a prize promotion that has an entry opportunity. Rest assured that the “risk of forfeiture” we mention applies ONLY to that particular opportunity to win. If you choose not to enter that time, it will NOT affect your chances of winning with any of your previous entries, or for any future entry opportunities, for that particular prize.

Fact: You can enter once each day for every property we have!

What happens if you get several emails a day? You need to know that each one is a different opportunity to enter, and each one counts!  Even though you are allowed only one entry per method per day (unless otherwise specified), you may receive several opportunities, each one from a different property! You can also enter on your own by visiting our other websites throughout the day. Find out how by watching this video “How Can I Enter the PCH Sweepstakes” . It shows you just how many chances to win are out there!

Was my online PCH Sweepstakes entry processed?

There is no need to worry. Rest assured that if you followed the entry instructions online, your Sweepstakes entry has been fully processed.

I hope this has cleared up any confusion or concerns out there about the “Rules of Entering” the PCH Sweepstakes both online and offline. If you have any further questions, please visit our Customer Help site . It’s filled with the facts you need to know to make the most of your entering experience!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I play every day, as many games as I can, i.e., scratch offs , lotto cards, token rewards, enter sweepstakes etc., and haven’t won anything in months, and then I only won $5.oo on a lotto scratch off card. I know it’s free to play, and I appreciate that, but never winning anything gets old. The instant win games are especially boring and repetitive. No matter what car I choose in the racing game, it comes in last or second to. And whichever horse I choose in the horse race game, same thing. Not to mention the ring toss that always rings the same pin, and the basketball thing that never gets in the basket. All of the instant win games are like that. Would be nice if they were a little less monotonous. Just sayin.
    I still like PCH, and especially enjoy PCH search.
    All in all, PCH gives me hope, and I enjoy racking up tokens and will continue to play.
    Thank you for the opportunities. I still love PCH and will keep trying, and I believe I will win big one day.

  2. I have worried because the basic survey window content does not display (has never displayed) with my ancient operating system and browser; so have feared that my entry might be disqualified, even if a match occurred…. There is a similar problem now because your new rewards page (presumably using a changed format) does not display any more, so that I am unable to redeem accumulated tokens…. (Customer service was unable to provide a solution….)
    There is much more that I could share, but am sure that you have foreseen it all!….

  3. Thanks your app for lotto is not clearing the ads when prompted I’ve cleared all cookies etc.. Its frustrating because I work also and love playing your games but have to go out each time and reload don’t make sense.
    Please fix

    1. Hi Audrsy, Thank you for contacting PCH. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing technical difficulties on our website. Please reach out to our Digital Assistant where representatives are ready to assist with your concern. Please click the link here: for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.