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Merry Christmas, From “Our House” to Your House!

C’mon, guys, let’s all sing along!

Doorbells ring, are you listening?
Winners‘ eyes so bright and glistening
A beautiful sight – they’re so happy tonight
Walkin’ in a Winner Wonderland.

Keep the faith, send in your entry;
You can win – it’s elementary.
Dreams can come true — and can happen to you,
Walkin’ in a Winner Wonderland.

In the meadow we’ll meet Dave and Howie
Todd, Danielle – the Prize Patrol, Whoo-hoo!
They deliver checks from Butte to Maui,
Keep believing that they’ll bring a check to you!

Later on, you’ll be inspired
By all the wealth that was acquired
By good friends like you – we want you to win too
And come Walkin’ in a Winner Wonderland!

In the meadow or maybe in your driveway
You’ll see the Prize Patrol has come to town
They‘ve followed every map and every highway
If you’re a winner they will always track you down. (

Later on, by the fire
Dream a dream – your heart’s desire
It’s not crazy to say, if you enter today
You could be Walkin’ in a Winner Wonderland!


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