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Want to start a “hopeful hobby” with us? READ ON!

Friends, I wish that I could take credit for the brilliant observation, “Entering and winning is a hopeful hobby” — but that was actually a quote from one of your fellow blog readers!  We get some of our best ideas from the “Comments” section below — posted by wonderful people like YOU

Entering to win our PCH contests and Sweeps is an awesome pastime and there are so many fast, fun “hobby tools” for entering — from the dazzling amusements at PCHgames … to the casino action at PCHslots … to excellent Web searches at PCHSearch&Win.

And best of all, it’s a hopeful hobby, something that you’ll stick with every day no matter what, because you truly believe in yourself and don’t want to miss a single chance to make your dreams come true. As so many PCH winners will tell you, entering to win faithfully every day is the only real “secret to winning” at Publishers Clearing House! 

As you may have discovered with other hobbies you’ve enjoyed, you develop skills and shortcuts for getting the results you want, whether it’s counting stitches for a knitting project or measuring ingredients for a new recipe.  Well, making the home page on your computer would be a brilliant way to ensure that you’ll always be entered to win at PCH – something you’ll just do every day, like brushing your teeth or turning off the porch light.

In just a few days, we’ll welcome in the New Year – when lots of us think about making a fresh start, a time to phase out old habits and begin new ones.  Here’s wishing that all of you will start the “hopeful hobby” our wonderful blog reader recommends: entering, and maybe even winning, at Publishers Clearing House! 

Your faithful Blog fan,

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