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$1,000 Valentine's Day Event

Today Is The Last Day To Enter Our Valentine’s Extravaganza!

 They say you can’t hurry love, but you’ll have to hurry to enter our Valentine’s Day Extravaganza, because today is absolutely the last day to get your entry in!

All week long your first play of the day at PCHgames and PCHslots got you entered to Win $1,000.00 Guaranteed To Be Awarded on 2/14 (PCH Gwy. #9501), plus other amazing prizes! To let you know why today — the last day to enter to win — is so important, I put pen to paper and wrote a poem. Here goes …

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Valentine’s Day is tomorrow; will a prize be awarded to you?

We hope our Valentine’s Day Event has brought you some glee,
You’ve had chances all week to enter … and it’s all been for FREE!

You’ve played lots of fun games and plenty of slots,
To go for a cash prize that could help out alot!

$1,000.00 is guaranteed for award to one lucky winner,
That’s enough money for one special Valentine’s dinner!

As the end of our Valentine’s Day Event draws near,
Today is the deadline to enter, let me make that clear!

This Valentine’s Day, take a chance to make a loved one grin,
log in at PCHgames and PCHslots to enter to win!

Yes! Time is running out, but don’t you worry,
You could STILL enter to win! But you must hurry!

There are simply only hours left to enter to win,
So don’t you miss out — just go ahead, log in!

You could soon become lucky, and you’d be able to say,
That it was the best gift to a loved one for Valentine’s Day!

A $1,000.00 prize will soon be awarded to someone, it’s true.
We’re wondering, how would you feel if you found out it was you?

If you’ve thought about winning, and your reaction you know,
Please tell us what it would be in the comments below!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

P.S. These prizes are at stake –  $1,000,000.00 (Gwy 8035), $10,000.00 (Gwy 9208), $1,000.00 (Gwy 9501) and 1,000,000 Tokens (Gwy. #9290)! Log in to PCHgames and PCHslots for your chance to win!

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