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Dream Vacation Beach

When was the last time you took a Dream Vacation?

Imagine for a moment – it’s the first day of your dream vacation and an endless stretch of beach extends to either side of you. Crystal blue water gently laps upon the finely scalloped sand, and the dunes behind you ensure total privacy. Calypso music floats on the breeze. Then, your bikini-clad dream girl emerges from the water with eyes just for you. She motions for you to come hither.

“Hi,” she says, and the next thing you know you’re dancing on the sand and sharing a long walk with a romantic sunset. “This is paradise,” you say.


“This is a dream,” she says, but the voice is that of a second-rate travel agent in a seedy strip mall. That’s when the cold reality strikes and it turns out your budget isn’t going to get you to the places where you take pretty pictures. And your dream vacation is dashed – but it doesn’t have to be!!!

Can you find the Prize Patrol member in this picture?

Just listen to Howie and “Get Real!!!” It’s the best advice for the hapless traveler in the new video for the $10,000 Dream Vacation Sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House. The new “Dream Vacation” video is the brainchild of Senior Digital Production Manager Pete Dali and follows on the early success of the videos for the $3 Million Dream Home Sweepstakes and the $50,000.00 Dream Car Sweepstakes .

“Similar to our ‘Dream Home’ and ‘Dream Car’ spots, the goal was to employ a more cinematic approach to story telling,” said Pete. “Not only did the production team film on a remote, private beach, but we also built an entire travel agency office inside our studio.

“Writing the script brought constant hilarity as we thought of ways to treat the main character, as well as introduce Howie,” continued Pete. “In the end, we were able to take the notion of a dream vacation and translate it to a nearly universal daydream!”

Fortunately for YOU, the story doesn’t have to end there because you can enter to win $10,000 towards your Dream Vacation! And remember, every daydream about getting away from it all should be followed by taking a step in that direction – and that means it could be time to GET REAL and enter to win it!!!

Check out the video and let us know what you think below!

Here’s hoping your toes are in the sand sometime soon,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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