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PCH Big Check On Valentine’s Day

Do You Love Lucky The PCH Big Check, Too? Let Him Know!

Happy Valentine’s Day Blog Fans!

It’s me, your pal, Lucky, the PCH Big Check!  Now, I know you always see me as having strong corners and bulging zeros … but on Valentine’s Day, I can’t help getting all torn up like an old receipt and showing the world that my ink runs blue just like everyone else’s!  And even though I may look unbendable, there are a few things that get me wearing my heart on my payline … my love for PCHblog Fans like you … and my love of giving away big prizes!

That’s why, with Valentine’s Day here, I’m going to do something I learned many years ago when I took my first Armored Bus to Checkington Prep School. And that’s learning how to count!  I’m counting the ways I love blog fans like you and how much I love awarding big prizes, too … ready?  Here it goes:

1 – is for the column of my bankbook journal I write my thoughts in every day – PCHblog fans are always in the #1 spot!

2 – is for our two hearts!  I bet they would beat as one if we get to hug on Prize Day … I would love that, wouldn’t you?

3 – is for the zeros I’m going to be carrying real soon when I deliver the $5,000 A Week “FOREVER” Prize – I know this is number three, but I hope when the winner sees me it’s love at FIRST sight!

4 — is for the “Forever” Prize Winners I’ve posed with here on the Blog in the past – John Wyllie, Michael Miller, Tamar Howard and Ryan Hart … I loved hugging them – and I loved all the comments we got on the blog from fans like you!  I’ll never forget how happy they made me!

5 – is for our fifth $5,000 A Week “FOREVER” Prize Winner I’ll be meeting on February 24th!  You know I just love meeting new winners, I hope the winner is someone who loves me, too!

6 – is for how much I LOVE our blog fans – on a scale of 1 to 5, you’re a 6 for sure!

7 – is for my favorite number, because there are 7 letters in “BLOGFAN”!

8 – is for 882!  That’s the highest amount of comments you wonderful fans have given me on the Blog … I wonder if you will show me even more love today…?  Maybe we can get it up to 888?

9 – is the approximate number of times I shine my seal before showing up at someone’s door – because I love making a good first impression, don’t you?

10 – I’ve saved the best for last … 10! There’s only 10 days left between now and when I’ll be meeting our next $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize Winner!  I love this number most of all because that means there’s still time for PCHblog fans like you to enter!  So please don’t miss out!

Ooh, I just love you PCHblog fans, and awarding big prizes, so much, that there aren’t even enough numbers in the universe to explain all the ways I care!  So please, celebrate Valentine’s Day with PCH by entering to Win $5,000 A Week “FOREVER” as often as you can!  Then, we could really be falling in love, live and in person, in just TEN DAYS FROM NOW on February 24th!

Well I’ve gotta run and polish my seal again, so good luck – and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending you Hugs and Checkmarks,

Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check

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