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Have You Sat Down Beside Spider Solitaire Yet?

Solitaire has been around for more than 235 years, but it really wasn’t until Microsoft began including the game in its software packages in 1990 that a revolution in personal computing arose and changed office culture forever. And since then, it’s helped nearly everyone through a boring conference call or made an airline trip seem shorter.

I’m old enough to remember playing solitaire with an actual deck of cards. However, it was the endless shuffling and dealing of those cards that brought solitaire into the digital world. By offering more joy with less work, it’s easy to understand how solitaire – in its 100+ forms – has become the Internet’s most ubiquitous game.

PCH offers eight (8) outstanding solitaire/card games, with each one presenting a different challenge. One of the most intriguing games is Spider Solitaire – a game considered by many to be the king of all solitaire games!

Winning at Spider Solitaire requires skill in manipulating the cards and attention to patterns. Not every Spider Solitaire game can be won, but with practice, a careful strategy, and the aid of a few simple rules, you’ll have a much better chance.

  1. Flip as many hidden (face-down) cards as possible – this will help reveal potential moves and clear out columns before you have to re-deal


The right time to deal 10 new cards is when there are no more moves remaining.
  1. Build columns on higher cards – fewer moves mean a higher score and it’s crucial for multi-suit games because cards of different suits cannot be moved together to a different pile.
  1. Clear as many columns as possible – this enables you to flip more cards and creates storage space for cards that don’t fit within a column you’re building
Every time you clear a column, the stacked cards will appear on top of the board.

 And if you’re playing a multi-suit game, consider these additional tips:

  • Whenever possible, build piles by suit – this will make it easier to move piles, expose hidden cards, or remove an entire pile
  • After you remove one suit, use empty piles to arrange the remaining cards by suit

Everyone wants to win, so please share with us any other tips you might have for Spider Solitaire or any of the suite of solitaire games at PCHgames.

Winning at Spider Solitaire is quite an achievement! Enjoy it when it happens!!!

 Have fun!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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P.P.S. No spiders were harmed in the making of this blog!


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