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Play 3-Point Shootout For Free with PCH!

We all have a favorite arcade game. Some people like racing games, others like classic shooters. Which was yours? Personally, I grew up in a competitive family with three other siblings. The arcade became our arena to put to rest any competition. And we would play 3-Point Shootout to settle any score.

There was no fussing about joint sticks or button smashing with this game. It was one on one, my skill versus theirs. Unfortunately, basketball wasn’t my sport. Yet even though I’d lose to my siblings, seeing a basketball swish through the net was one of the most rewarding feelings I found at the arcade.

And that’s the feeling you could find when you play 3-Point Shootout for free with PCH! This addictive game gives you that last-minute, game-winning rush that we all picture ourselves in while we play.

Get In The Game

This game puts you in the big moment, and you’ll see how it is to be the best player in the biggest game. It’ll be up to you as the clock is winding down. With 90 seconds left on the clock, how many points will you be able to score?

Real players know how to score, but it’s always good to know the point system. Regular Shots are TWO points, and Bonus Shots are THREE points. But you’ll also get the chance to score even more! Once you enter 3-Point Mode, the points increase. Regular Shots bump up to THREE points, and Bonus Shots become SIX points!

Be warned, friends: it’s both as easy and as hard to play 3-Point Shootout as it seems. The hoop will move, and then it will move even quicker. And I hope trash talk doesn’t distract you…

Rack Up Tokens, Go For Prizes

The best part? All this fun is free when you play at PCH! That’s right–FREE! You can play this game for as long as you’d like and never pay a quarter, or worry about hogging the game at the arcade. Better still, the more you play, the more Tokens you’ll rack up, which you could redeem for winning opportunities.

Plus, after you’ve played 10 games, which won’t take very long with this game, you’ll unlock the Bonus Instant Win Game that could win you a $500 CASH Prize!

So will you hit the big shot? How many points will you rack up before the shot clock runs out? Play 3-point shootout for free with PCH and find out!

Joe W
PCH Creative

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