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2017 Technology Trends You Can Spend Your Sweepstakes Winnings On

Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things(IoT), 4K…today’s technology trends seem like they were created for a science fiction movie.  Are you ready to take a step into the future?  Here are some hot 2017 technology trends you should know about.


Considered the future of television, 4K Ultra HD TVs provide a crisp picture thanks to a resolution that is four times that of an 108op HDTV.  To be considered 4K, a TV must have a screen at least 3,840-pixels-wide and 2,160-pixels-high. Unlike a full HD resolution, with ultra HD you can experience stunning resolution even if you sit close the screen. While 4K has been used in the TV industry, you can now equip your home with this advanced technology.

Most 4K TV models are between 40 inches and 70 inches. With a 4K TV you can watch HDR (high-dynamic range) content which delivers superior color depth and contrast and detail-rich picture. Netflix, Amazon, Vudu and YouTube are some providers of 4K Ultra HD content. The prices of 4K HDR TVs have actually dropped in price over the past year so now would be a great time to pick up one of these TVs for your entertainment room.

H2 Internet of Things for home automation

Turn on your home’s air conditioning before you leave the office.  Use your computer to schedule your sprinkler system.  Control the lights using an app on your phone. The internet of things connects everyday objects to the internet. Manage lamps, washing machines, coffee makers, security systems, and other home automation products. The internet of things and the list of devices that are able to be connected to it are growing every day. Someday you will wonder how you ever lived without the IoT and home automation!

H2 Smart trackers for seniors

If you are concerned about an aging senior or someone who has dementia or Alzheimer’s, there are many tech products that can help you keep an eye on them and make sure they are ok, even if you are not physically with them.  Get peace of mind with devices that provide medication reminders and usage monitoring, and activity and GPS tracking. Some devices such as Philips Lifeline can detect a fall and will contact emergency assistance.  This new technology can help keep your loved one safe and allow them to age at home and maintain a level of independence.

H2 More advanced fitness trackers

While wearable fitness trackers are not new, they are becoming more and more advanced. They do a lot more than just count steps and add up calories. Depending on the brand and model, you could have access to features such as heart-rate sensors, built-in GPS, voice command support, sleep tracking, and more.  The Atlas Wristband 2 can even detect the way you are moving to determine what type of activity you are performing. It analyzes your motion, will record your reps, and will let you know how to improve your form. The T-Mobile Onesie is the first full-body fitness tracker and monitors functions head to toe. And the Polar M430 provides training tips tailored to your goals.  Whether you are an exercise novice, an accomplished amateur, or a fitness pro, these trackers can keep you motivated and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

H2 Virtual reality gaming products

Virtual reality immerses you in an artificial three-dimensional environment that mimics a real-life experience. This technology is being incorporated into all types of products for entertainment, retail, fitness, science, interior design, and much more.  VR is especially known for its video gaming applications and has been taking the gaming industry by storm.  Gamers can take advantage of this new technology with VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift VR and Vive that make you feel as if you are in the middle of your favorite games.  Interact with games in ways that almost seem impossible.

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Today’s technology is incredibly exciting – and it’s amazing to think about what might be next on the horizon!  Unfortunately keeping up with all the new tech trends can be tough on the wallet. But if you suddenly won a ton of cash from a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes, you’d be able to bring home all those products you have your eye on and probably still have money to spare. The more sweepstakes you enter, the more chances you have to win. Enter our PCH Sweepstakes today!

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