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Have You Gone to the Dark Side Yet?

The search for a mega-fun, mentally beneficial game is OVER.

Have you ever wished to play a game that is as much fun as it is psychologically stimulating? If you said “Yes,” then you should get to know online mahjongg from Publishers Clearing House.

What Is Mahjongg?

Originally a card game developed in China nearly 500 years ago, mahjongg remains a game of skill, strategy, calculation, and chance – and yes, FUN! Plus, once you start playing, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to get carried away by the tile-matching madness of online mahjongg games.

Mahjongg – A Brain Game!

Even better, playing online mahjongg is a great way to exercise your brain. The game can help to improve your long- and short-term memory, attention span, and sensory stimulation by actively engaging areas of your brain simultaneously. So not only can playing online mahjongg help to keep your mind SHARP, but playing for FREE at PCH also could make you RICHER!

Mahjongg at PCH

At PCH, we make getting to know mahjongg easy with a selection of six free mahjongg games. Playing online mahjongg at PCH means interacting with 3D images and matching two twinning tiles – tiles with the same design that also have two adjacent sides free.

Note that the two tiles indicated by the yellow arrows and the two tiles indicated by the green arrows match and can be removed.

Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

Mahjongg Dark Dimensions gets even better the deeper you get into the game with big bonuses, including:

  • Speed Match Combo – activate a points multiplier by making a match within three seconds of another match
  • Multimatch Combo – get bonus points for matching several of the same image type in a row
  • Times Bonus Tiles – uncover and match these tiles to have the amount of time listed on the tiles added to your gameplay time

And if you ever get stuck, just use the arrows at the bottom to rotate the cube for an entirely new view.

Clear the cube, take the tokens, and maybe even bank some bucks when Mahjongg Dark Dimensions is the featured game of the day!

Happy matching!

Lauren M.
PCH Creative

P.S. For an even quicker rush of fun, you can find Mahjongg Minute with PCH’s “Minute Mania” games.


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