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10 Things I Learned By Searching The Web With PCHSearch&Win!

I’m going to show you — then YOU have to tell us what you search for!

AND remember: unlike PCH employees like me, YOUR look-ups on PCHSearch&Win  enter you to win all kinds of cool prizes, from cash to gift cards to a $15,000,000 fortune!

So here’s what I found out … just by searching …

My “how cilantro” entry searching the Web took me to a cool video showing how to dunk the whole bunch in water, squeeze out the excess with paper towels, slice through the stems and leaves for the amount I needed, then wrap and store the rest in the same paper towels. Fresh salsa tonight!

My “prevent cat clawing Search&Win search results suggested that I put up aluminum foil or double-sided tape to discourage kitty’s bad habit — and an occasional gentle water bottle squirt, too.

With the birthday party coming up, I typed in “gifts 8 year girls” and voila: the fantastic PCHSearch&Win  results suggested friendship bracelet kits, Twister, art kits, soccer balls — hey, I’m ready to shop! (And if YOU had done the same while searching the Web on PCHSearch&Win, you might have won a FREE gift card to shop with.)

I hit the keyboard with paint disposal Hempstead” (my town) and PCHSearch&Win  connected me to a “2017 S.T.O.P. (Stop Throwing Out Pollutants)” page, which listed dates for disposing of household items like paint, anti-freeze and more. Great to know!

I’m supposed to meet my cousin there tonight to see a movie, and the car’s in the shop (again!).  No worries: my “broadway mall bus” search connected me to the N20H schedule — there’s a bus leaving right after work!   (Don’t forget, when you do a search like that, you could win FREE movie tickets or Free Cash for buying popcorn.)

My cousin wants to see Wonder Woman, so I entered a “Wonder Woman review” look up and now I’m really looking forward to seeing it tonight — yay!

I could go to the medicine cabinet, but I’d rather not. I typed in “headache natural” on Search&Win  and found a DIY scalp massage to try, and learned that peppermint and lavender oils are also useful home remedies.

I figured, let me see if I could save some money with another carrier. I typed in “phone plan compare” on Search&Win  and found independent sites that compared all the major companies’ plans, costs, coverage and options. Yep, looks like I’m definitely switching phone plans.

It’s TOO long, I discovered with my PCHSearch&Win “drive distance” search, especially with my old, unreliable car. That visit to my sister is going to have to wait. But YOU, my friend, you could win instant FREE cash with a similar search to use on gas, restaurant stops, hotel bills — everything you need to get from here to there and back.


That’s right, we’re gearing up to give away $15,000,000 (Fifteen Million Dollars) in our new Summer Prize Event (link to taking place on August 31st. Log on to PCHSearch&Win  and your first search of the day will activate an entry for this tremendous fortune.   (And even if the winning number for that prize isn’t returned, someone will STILL win a cool $1,000,000, guaranteed.

OKAY, now it’s your turn! Tell us what YOU’VE learned recently while searching the Web!

Please write it in the “Comments” section below for all of us to enjoy!

You and I know what a wealth of useful, exciting, entertaining information is “out there” for us searching the Web. And YOU can turn it into a goldmine of prize opportunities when you search with us here at PCHSearch&Win.

Happy searching!

Marybeth H.
PCH Creative

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  1. Like how u answer so many questions even the ones asking y’all why we search the wed for cash and prizes giveaway I think I got a new search site lol.. have a alsome day