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Could You Win A Fresh Fortune on Fabulous Friday the 13th?

If the phrase “Friday the 13th” still makes you think of a madman in a hockey mask, it could be time to change your mind. In fact, beginning tomorrow, you should be on lookout for people in much happier costumes – the blue blazers of the Prize Patrol – because this Friday the 13th is PRIZE DAY! And that means that at least one lucky person will forever think of Friday the 13th as the luckiest day of their life!

Lucky 13

The Prize Patrol already is out on the road finding flowers and chilling champagne in anticipation of presenting a real Friday the 13th fortune to our newest PCH Millionaire. Could it be you? Stay tuned all day tomorrow for live updates and announcements at the PCH Fan Page on Facebook and see if Lady Luck (aka Danielle Lam) is smiling on you!

How Did 13/Friday the 13th Get Such A Bad Rap?

The superstition regarding 13 likely arose in the Middle Ages, but the fear of Friday the 13th (aka paraskevidekatriaphobia) not only is more recent, but also has pervaded our society in may ways. For example, many hotels and large buildings skip the 13th floor entirely, and it’s an unwritten maritime rule that ships are never launched on Friday the 13th. Many people also fear it’s unlucky to have 13 guests at a dinner table.

Regardless of the various theories (and there are quite a few) on how/when it began, there is no question that fearing Friday the 13th is one of the most common Western superstitions. Of course, the irony is that the 13th day of the month is more likely to fall on a Friday than any other day!

Make PCH Your Superstition

While most superstitions are based on a sense of fear, some can be quite beneficial. For example, you can be superstitious about making sure you enter to win every day at , or playing the same numbers every day at the all-new PCH Keno, or even wearing the same socks when you play PCHgames. Holding tight to this superstition not only puts you on the road to becoming a PCH VIP, but also could make you a PCH Millionaire!

Now, put yourself on the path to financial freedom by entering to win our next SuperPrize, the Turn Back Time” Prize ! This amazing giveaway would pay $2,600,000 – 10 years’ worth of $5,000 weekly payments – immediately, plus you’d also win $5,000 A Week For Life. Win Now Plus Win Later!

Here’s hoping luck comes your way tomorrow!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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