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PCH Prize Patrol Always Hands Out A Treat – No Trick!

At Halloween time I am always reminded of the many times that the PCH Prize Patrol has arrived at a winner’s door and was greeted with “Oh no, this has got to be a trick.”

There we are, standing right in front of the winner, with roses, balloons and a Big Check with his or her name on it !!!  Wouldn’t you think that this lucky person would realize that this was “for real”?   I mean – it’s a big production – with a cameraman taping the whole thing and quite often local news reporters standing by as well.

“This is no trick,” we exclaim.  Then we pull out the real check and hand it over.  And finally the winner begins to realize “This is no trick – this is real.  This is a treat!”

And what a treat it is!  A prize worth thousands or even millions of dollars can be a dream come true and an answer to a prayer.  Bills can be paid, financial pressures can be eased, and long-delayed purchases of something that was once unaffordable can be made at last.

Of course you PCH blog readers believe that our prizes are real and are actually awarded; but you may have trouble believing that YOU can win.

YOU absolutely can!  What I want to do is remind you that you should:  (1) Take advantage of all the opportunities PCH gives you to win, and (2) Enter our sweepstakes every day! The PCH Prize Patrol would love to arrive at your door with a treat unlike you’ve ever gotten before!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S.  PCH Fans — are YOU dressing up for Halloween this year? If so, use the hashtag #PCHhalloween and share your costumes with us! Your photo could be featured on our PCH Fan Page on Facebook or our Instagram page!

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