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The Prize Patrol is Awarding a Big SuperPrize on Friday, and A Little Something Extra, Too!

Hi, PCH fans! Happy Holidays, and happy almost prize day! I can’t even express to you all how EXCITED and EAGER we are that in just TWO days, the Prize Patrol will be knocking on someone’s door and changing one lucky winner’s life forever! Yes – that’s correct – in JUST 2 DAYS we will be awarding a big millionaire-making SuperPrize to one lucky winner!

Now, along with the Prize Patrol staple items that we always bring (the BIG CHECK, the balloons, the champagne and the flowers), I thought we could put a little fun holiday twist on the December 22nd award! What if….hmmmm….what if the Prize Patrol could bring one extra holiday item with them to the winner’s house?! Yeah – I like the sound of that! What do you think?

Based on YOUR votes in the comments below, the Prize Patrol will bring the item that gets the most love! I’ve narrowed it down to 3 options. (See below and please write 1, 2 or 3 in the comments below!)

  1. Candy Canes
  2. Holiday Cookies
  3. Chocolates

I know ALL those options sounds great, but remember, there can only be one PCH WINNER, and there can only be one holiday goodie WINNER! Get your votes in below and let us know what treat you would like the Prize Patrol to bring to the winner’s home! Who knows, it could be your house that the Prize Patrol visits!

Thanks for your vote, best of luck to you all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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