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How Do YOU Like To Spend Prize Day?

It’s almost that time again, friends and fans! Prize Day is almost here! We’re just TWO DAYS away from making someone a millionaire. We might even be awarding an amazing “Turn Back Time” Prize! Be sure to read tomorrow morning’s blog for our Special Early Look Results. Pretty exciting stuff, right?

Now I know dedicated friends like you have entered and will have your fingers crossed for a big winning moment. But we here at PCH HQ are curious … do you have any special warm up rituals you do to ready yourself for Prize Day?

We’ve heard a number of fans — and winners — over the years tell us how important FAITH is to them. How they just kept believing, and playing, and entering because they knew they couldn’t win if they didn’t enter. But after entering, do you do anything for that extra blast of last-minute luck?

While you’re waiting for the Prize Patrol to show up with that “BIG CHECK,” do you do a warm up dance — perhaps the Macarena in your favorite fuzzy sweater? Dance to The Time Warp while holding a lucky rabbit’s foot? Maybe you go searching for four leaf clovers (although maybe not during December) or just make an 11:11 wish that you’ll soon see the Prize Patrol!

Are You Superstitious?

Now, I’m not usually superstitious — I shrug my shoulders when I see it’s Friday the 13th, and the only reason I don’t walk under ladders is because it’s common sense. But every so often, I find one that I take very seriously.

Most of my superstitions date back to my high school theatre days. You can bet if anyone wished me “good luck,” I’d correct them to say “break a leg!” And there was no whistling in my theatre under penalty of snarky comments! But the one that mattered to me most was not uttering the word Macbeth in the theatre.

Naturally, people thought this was funny, but being a Shakespeare buff and theatre aficionado, I knew the history.  During one of our performances of Anything Goes, though, one of the cast members thought it would be funny to say it.

And then our microphones went out.

Luckily, I know the counter curse and everything worked out, but ever since then, I’ve never questioned people taking their superstitions seriously! Even in Hamilton, once the title character says Macbeth, things go downhill for him.

So what good luck rituals do you have? How do you plan on using them on our December 22nd Prize Day?

Tell us in the comments below!


Will F.
PCH Creative

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