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Special Early Look Results! Who Wants a PCH BIG CHECK This Holiday Season?

Hey, Blog Readers, it’s me your pal Lucky, the PCH Big Check!

I sure hope you’re enjoying the holiday season as much as I am!  I’ve got jingle bells hanging from my payline… friends and family to make me feel special (they talk about “kneading dough” whenever I’m around!)…  AND the Special Early Look results are in!

That means that tomorrow, I get to go out and make someone a MILLIONAIRE!

That’s right, even though there was no matching winning number when we took a special early look for a winner this time, PCH is still giving away $1,000,000.00!   Oh, my ink is running just thinking about all the joy we’ve been able to bring thanks to these Special Early Look events!  And tomorrow we’re doing it again!

Imagine Becoming A Millionaire Right Around The Holidays…

Winning $1,000,000.00 any time of year would be great, but after all the shopping and spending during the holidays, a millionaire-making windfall sure would be a blessing, wouldn’t it?  Tell me below — what would you do with all that money if I show up at your door tomorrow?

Would you be able to make room for me on the mantle?

As a PCH Big Check, my favorite place is the mantlepiece – but during the holidays I find they’re quite crowded with decorations… stockings… cards… and candles.  Do you think you’d have extra room for a PCH Big Check like me?

Not to ring my own bank alarm or anything, but lifting all those zeros has made my corners pretty big… I hope the winner has a place for me to relax…

Would you give me a big hug on Prize Day?

I love our holiday-time winners because they are such great huggers!  Like Annette Jenkins, a VIP Elite player who won $1,000,000.00 during our December 2016 Special Early Look prize event!  Gosh, I remember we found her at the department store where she worked and she hugged me SO tight!

And in October of 2015, I got to meet holiday-time winner Desiree Scudder who was so excited she showed me off to her coworkers right away!  And I got such a big hug from her that I thought my zeros would burst – I’ll never forget it!

So, what about you?  What would you do if you saw a PCH Big Check like me at your door this holiday season?  Would you hug me?  Squeeze me?  Be happy to see me?  I’ve gotta go finish decorating my vault, but let me know below if you think you’d be happy to Win $1,000,000.00 thanks to our special early look event results!  I can’t wait to read your comments on the road tomorrow!

Good Luck,

Lucky Windfall
PCH Big Check

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