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The Prize Patrol Speaks Out on All of These Prizes!

“It’s hard to keep track of them!” Danielle Lam says with a laugh. Danielle Lam, Prize Patrol Elite Team member, has seen her share of prizes throughout the years. Some are medium-sized (but who would say no to $25,000.00 or a Brand New Car? Some are gigantic (like our recently awarded $5,000.00 A Week For Life “Forever” Prize!), but all are amazing. And there’s tons of them! So, you can’t really blame her for saying that. There’s a lot going on!

At the Publishers Clearing House HQ, I’m glad I get to sit near the Prize Patrol because I get to hear so many great stories from the road! I swung by their desks to ask them how things were going lately, and they had plenty to say!

“I’ve been on the road nonstop,” enthuses Howie Guja. Danielle’s partner in prizes, Howie has been crisscrossing across the nation giving out prizes left and right.

“I’ve been driving so much, I even find myself getting tired at the wheel! Thankfully, we get to stay in beautiful cities, but the road can take a toll!”

The Prize Patrol has seen some amazing sights. You only have to look at their clues from the road on an award day to see that they’ve been to lots of interesting places. But seeing the sights isn’t enough to keep someone on the road, right?  As Howie and Danielle can also attest, not being at home with your families can also be tough!

So why do they do it? They do it for our winners, and people who aspire to one day have the Prize Patrol show up at their house. They do it for the dreamers, who believe wholeheartedly that one day it’ll be their time to shine.

Plenty of people give up on their dreams. People stop pursuing their goals all the time. Maybe that’s even been you. Have you ever given up on a New Year’s Resolution? But here’s the good news. It’s never too late to start trying again! So the next time you wonder if entering Publishers Clearing House isn’t worth it, just think about how the Prize Patrol is leaving on their next trip to award someone a huge sum of money. And as long as you’re entering…that person could possibly be you!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – Do you remember the first time you saw the Prize Patrol? They want to know! Was it during a halftime commercial, a TV talk show or daytime game show? Or maybe a commercial or video online? Tell us in the comments below!


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