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The Prize Patrol Awards SuperPrizes To Winners Of ALL Ages!

We’ve been hearing it from our fans for years, and it’s time to set the record straight. Sure, when the Prize Patrol knocks on a door and the winner just happens to be home, you imagine he or she must be retired and might be getting on in years. And then the next question on your mind probably goes like this: “How come only ‘old people’ win the PCH SuperPrize?”

That just tells us that you may have missed some of our younger winners’ winning moments, because we have awarded prizes to winners of ALL ages. On occasion, the Prize Patrol has actually had to locate winners while they were at work or running an errand, or even on vacation somewhere else.  And I’m here today to introduce a few of them!

Michael Miller (pictured above) of Moro, Illinois comes to mind. When we awarded 26-year-old Michael a Big Check for $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” he looked shocked and stood there speechless while his mother cried with delight and his sister shrieked with excitement. It turns out that Michael is our youngest-ever SuperPrize winner. Check out his winning moment video here.

With a lifetime prize like that, the checks will be rolling in for this young winner for quite some time.

Let me tell you the story of Texas resident Desiree Scudder, who was just 29 years old when she won the PCH SuperPrize. She wasn’t home when the Prize Patrol came calling, so they had to find her at her job. Like most of our winners of all ages, Desiree was completely shocked when the Prize Patrol showed up at her lab to present her with a BIG check for $1 Million … another one for $10,000.00 A Year For Life … plus $1,000.00 cash on the spot! Check out her winning moment here:

Desiree tells us she entered through PCH emails and also enjoyed playing PCHgames. She told us she planned to travel to Japan with some of her winnings. After all, she studied Japanese in college and is a fan of Japanese cartoons!

Next up is Boris Clinton of Oceanside, CA. He was the big winner of $1 Million at the young age of 56. The only reason we caught him at home was because he worked from home as a web designer. Let’s just say he was surprised by a knock on his door in the middle of the day and shocked when he opened it and saw the Prize Patrol! When we caught up with him a month after winning he told us that he still enters whenever he can!


 Meet Eva Heatley of Buchanan Dam, TX, the proud winner of $1 Million, and now the proud owner of a new Jeep (paid for in cash!) and a boat! She’s a young 39 years old and told us she had been entering for years through the mail and then through emails online before she won big. Now everyone she knows enters, and she has this to share with PCH fans: “Don’t give up! Keep on doing it every day. Stay positive.”

It just goes to show that everyone has an equal chance to win, whether they’re young or old. No matter what your age, winning big in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes could make you feel like a million dollars! Imagine having a new lease on life, finally having the financial means to live out your wildest dreams!

Do YOU want to be set for life? We encourage EVERYONE to go for our next big SuperPrize! This “Special Early Look” Prize Event is scheduled for award in just a few short weeks on April 27th. We’re looking for someone to take home the prize that pays out a $7,000.00 check week after week FOR LIFE! Could it be you?

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I’m playing at 33, and I hope to be the next PCH winner. I have 3 babies. I would love to be set for life. Like all who play I’m in it to win it.

  2. Of course, my goal is to be in it to win it! I have 4 children all of are older; 30 to 50 years old! My biggest concern is for each to be owners leaving to their offspring this legacy I hope to leave my children! Yours in highest regards! Mae G