Introducing Everyday Life!

PCH friends and fans, I’ve got something exciting to share with you today…PCH’s newest winning destination, Everyday Life! Not only does it have a classic PCH winning experience — an exclusive $25,000.00 prize — but also gives you tips, techniques, and pointers for your every day! Check it out, and you’ll really know what it’s like to be winning at life!

So how does it work? Well, Everyday Life is divided into seven sections (plus its all-encompassing homepage), and provides you with cool and exciting content to make living just a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. In each section, there are articles to read and videos to view, and, if nothing is catching your eye, you can use the search bar to find what you’re looking for!

And with your first article read, video watch, or search of the day, you get in to win $25,000.00!

That’s right, it’s that easy!

The Seven Wonders of Everyday Life!

Like I mentioned, there are seven different sections of Everyday Life that have been cultivated for your viewing pleasure. You’ve got seven different stops to make…and here they are!


Looking for more options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Well, the recipes tab is the perfect spot to go if you’re looking to spice it up in the kitchen, with dozens of options! I cook myself (I’m doing a “Julie & Julia”) and I’m floored by the amazing recipes Everyday Life has for you.


Want to learn more about chronic conditions in your family? Find the secrets to eternal youth through skin care? Or even just find some healthy foods after you’ve indulged in the recipes tab? Well the health tab is the place for you.


Searching for common solutions to unique problems or unique solutions to common problems? Stop by the Life Hacks tab! Prepare to learn some new tricks with some new tools that’ll make Everyday Life (title drop!) easier.


Want to find out more about your favorite furry friends? Then spend some time over at the Pets tab! I just went to take a peek and literally went “Awww” at the first dog picture. But whether you think the dog is man’s best friend or you’re more into cats (the furry version or the Broadway show, either one), watching videos of animals seems like a great way to get in to win!


What about the Internet’s newest sensations, what’s goin’ viral…then stop by the Trending tab. What can you find here? The newest hits of the Internet! Exciting information and great entertainment. Maybe you’ll find a video of a cat playing piano, or the next “Charlie Bit My Finger!”


Do you consider yourself in need of some cosmic assistance? The stars are aligned over on the Horoscope tab! Go now for your free consultation on fate!


And finally, looking to add a splash of humor to your day? Look no further than the Comics tab as a source for comic inspiration!

You see, with so much to check out — and $25,000.00 at Stake — Every day Life is surely the perfect destination for you!

Will F.
PCH Creative

PS: What section of Everyday Life are you most excited about? Which do you want to learn more about! Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I just want to win 5,000.00 a week for life gwy13000 , I don’t want to play to get more I will be happy with just 5,000.00 a week for life 13000 , it to confusing with all this other games .

  2. I’m sorry I hope I haven’t missed up and got thrown out but the rain has messed me up on job and not been able to work any this week could buy any min for my phone this is my wife’s phone for .Google want let me use my password to sign in here. I’m trying real hard to get my account password back to use on here to get Gmail back I’Kenneth Dyer claiming my official validation certificate of $7,000.00 a week for life given super prize numbers #13000 on this day of 4/22/2019 easter day I thank yall for all the mite fine very very making it hard for me to win work y’all have been doing and i still haven’t one yet and probably want win but man i hope to god I do I no it shur looks bad me begging but iI need it so let it look bad I dont care I’m here now and been in it to win it yaba daba du i want that hug lucky sorry about and sorry about expressing my fillings on here