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Who Would You Be Most Excited to Open The Door To?

WHO, my PCH pals? Bear with me now … and close your eyes and think …

The front doorbell rings … or there’s a knock at the front door.  Who would you absolutely LOVE to see when you open the door?

Would you love to open the door to a family member or a special friend?

I, personally, would LOVE to open the door to my crazy, funny cousin Judy! She grew up in Michigan, where I used to spend summers … then moved to Texas and then moved again to Florida … then, well, “life got in the way.” Is there a cousin or aunt or uncle or long-lost “b.f.f.” YOU’D love to open the door to? (Speaking of “opening doors,” you’ve got to go for the chance to open the door to $1,000,000 paid at once PLUS the financial security of $1,000 A Week For Life. That’s the prize we GUARANTEE to award in a few short weeks, on June 29!

Or how about opening the door to your favorite star or famous person?

I even asked my fellow bloggers, Debbie K. and Will F. about whom they would love to see at their front door.

Deb said, “I’d like to open the door to see Tom Hanks standing there, asking me out to dinner and telling me he reads the PCH Blog!”  Will replied, “Barbra Streisand! Ever since I saw Funny Girl for the first time, I’ve been totally enraptured by her incredible talent.”

C’mon … ‘fess up: WHICH movie star, music legend, sports hero or famous person would YOU love to see when you open the door?  (Me: I’d love to meet our 44th United States President, Mr. Barack H. Obama!)

But really … wouldn’t it be super exciting to open the door to the PCH Prize Patrol?

Of COURSE it would! And guess what: someone is positively, absolutely guaranteed to open their door on June 29th and see the Prize Patrol’s smiling faces … with balloons, roses and a “Big Check” for $1,000,000 at once Plus $1,000  A Week For Life. 

Do what it takes NOW … to open the door to a life-changing fortune in weeks.

So WHAT if I sound like a broken record: enter, enter, enter – today, tomorrow and as long as we can accept entries for our Win It All Prize. USE THIS LINK to find out all the ways how! I’ve said it before about this prize, my dears: Someone is DEFINITELY going to win … why shouldn’t it be YOU?

Don’t miss out!

Marybeth H.
PCH Creative


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