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Win More Than Cash With The “Win It All” Prize!!!

By now, you’ve seen all the entry opportunities, online ads, and TV commercials for the “Win It All” prize – $1,000,000 immediately plus $1,000 A Week for Life – and how it’s guaranteed to be awarded June 29. And that’s great! Another guaranteed prize shows just how committed Publishers Clearing House is to be making more winners and awarding more money than ever before. However, there’s a bit more to the “Win It All” prize than first meets the eye!

If you’ve been entering PCH sweepstakes for almost any time at all, then you know the “Win It All” prize includes one more item – the car! And don’t think the powers-that-be over here at PCH have forgotten, because this year the “Win It All” prize gets an automotive upgrade. How’s that? Well, the “Win It All” prize this year comes with a brand-new, 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum edition worth a staggering $55,530! Win the “Win It All” prize and not only could you be living in luxury, you also could be driving in it!

Could you see yourself driving around town in this?

“Win It All” Includes A New Car

It seems to me that the dream of being given a new car is somewhat universal. I mean, money is great. Who doesn’t love winning free money? But winning that money AND a new car, well, that’s just the cherry on top of the sundae. That’s when you’re really “winning it all.” And did I mention the “Win It All” prize is guaranteed to be awarded in just eight (8) days? That means you have to enter before midnight (ET) on June 26 – and that’s coming up fast!

My First Car

If you’re anything like me, then you were dreaming about your first car long before you were able to drive. So, by time the State of New Jersey entrusted me with a driver’s license (on my first try!), the idea of borrowing my mom’s station wagon (nicknamed “Bruce” because, after all, we are from New Jersey) got old in a hurry. So, I put together money saved from lifeguarding and other summer/part-time jobs, got out the classifieds, and found my first car – a silver, 1984 Nissan 300ZX Turbo.

I loved my Z car then, and still love it today. Just wish I still had it!

The truth is, you only ever get one “first car,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep finding firsts, like first convertible, first Italian car, etc. To me, that sounds a lot like entering to win PCH sweepstakes – you just keep finding a reason to do it and keep making it fun!

Here’s hoping you get your first big win!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. OK, blog fans, your turn to share! What was your first car?

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