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Get Lucky Every Day – Win $1,000 A Day For Life!

That’s exactly what could happen in just weeks to one lucky prizewinner – maybe even you! You see, Publishers Clearing House is fully prepared to award someone with $1,000 a day, every day, for life!  Yes, you read that right – $1,000 a day for life. Of course, that doesn’t mean the Prize Patrol will visit you every day with another $1,000 (although that might be fun!) but the money definitely would keep coming for life.

Here’s a simple breakdown of what a winner could expect:





DAY                                                     PCH PAYS

Monday                                               $1,000
Tuesday                                               $1,000
Wednesday                                         $1,000
Thursday                                             $1,000
Friday                                                  $1,000
Saturday                                              $1,000
Sunday                                                $1,000
Valentine’s Day                                   $1,000
Arbor Day                                            $1,000
Groundhog Day                                   $1,000
February 29 (in leap years)                 $1,000
Winner’s birthday                               $1,000
Winner’s half-birthday                       $1,000
National Pet Day                                 $1,000
Too-sick-to-get-out-of-bed day          $1,000
Bad hair day                                        $1,000
Jury duty day                                       $1,000
This Tuesday                                       $1,000
Next Tuesday                                      $1,000
Every Tuesday                                     $1,000

You get the picture, right?!? Now, let’s say you really need that money because there are a few home repairs that just can’t wait any longer, and besides, some new stuff would be nice too. So, you go out and buy a brand-new refrigerator – and a really good one at that – and blow an entire $1,000 on it. That’s OK, because you’ll have another $1,000 tomorrow. And maybe you spend all of that on a brand-new water heater. Don’t worry, come the next day you’ll have another $1,000. Maybe you even want to treat yourself to a fantastic vacation – somewhere tropical, luxurious, and all-inclusive at a rate of $1,000 per day. Win $1,000 a day for life from PCH and you’d be able to stay as long as you like!

What Would Your Winning Moment Look Like?

Every entry gives you a chance to dream about having the Prize Patrol at your door, “Big Check” in hand, ready to change your life for good! Now, see what it looks like for real with the brand-new television commercials we’re rolling out for this amazing lifetime prize opportunity!

Grab every opportunity to enter between now and August 28! Then get ready for Prize Day on August 31, because if you win $1,000 a day for life from PCH, then YOU could be starring in our next commercials!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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