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Summoning Up The Courage To Begin Is Half The Battle

Welcome to another Motivational Monday, hosted by yours truly.

Are you ready for some inspiration?  Here we have a quote from popular motivational speaker, David Viscott. “If you could get up the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.” It’s all about taking that first step, isn’t it? I think he hit the proverbial nail on the head with this one!

 The Hardest Part Of Any New Challenge Is To Get Started.

That’s why this quote really speaks to me. I’m reminded of what it’s like to try to go back to the gym when I haven’t gone in a long while. Summoning up the courage is a monumental task. Just walking through those front doors again after a long absence is the most difficult. Getting familiar again with the equipment is the next step. Starting off easy with the lighter weights … gradually building up to a few more minutes each time I go. But then after that, it gets a little easier each time, until it becomes a habit that I find myself looking forward to. Welcome success!

Now that we’ve awarded the big June 29th “Win It All” prize, it’s time to set a new goal and to take that first step toward reaching it! Yes, it’s time now to set your sights on the amazing $1,000.00 A Day For Life SuperPrize ! Can you imagine getting daily checks for $1,000.00 – for the rest of your life? That’s incredible! I could think of a few ways to put that money to good use, and I’m sure you could, too!

So, start entering now for the chance to win, and for the chance at a better tomorrow with $1,000 A Day For Life! Today, right now, is the perfect time to summon up the courage to start something new, with your sights aimed on the future. Keep your eyes on the prize and you never know. All obstacles to your success could disappear!

Stay motivated to win!

Jane M.
PCH Creative


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