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Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes For July

We have one heck of a month on our hands, folks. Not only is the month of July busy with Summer activities and Independence Day, it’s also adventure-packed at PCH! Let’s review what you should be aware of this month and go over Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes For July! By the way… if there’s anything on the calendar that needs further explaining, just refer to that week in this blog for more information! We’re excluding weeks one and six since there are so few days. Let’s go!

Week 2: Are You Primed to Win?

We hope you’re ready for some intense Instant-Win Action, because from July 7 – July 9, PCH WILL BE AWARDING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in Gift Cards in our latest fun-filled Primed to Win event! OVER $8,000.00 IN GIFT CARDS WILL BE AWARDED across various PCH properties during this three-day timeframe, so it’s very important that you keep an eye on your PCH emails and mobile notifications for details and reminders. I hope you’re “PRIMED TO WIN!” Also, on Sunday July 8th, PCHSearch&Win  is giving 5X Entries to Win 2018 Ford Explorer valued at $34,670.00! Make a special note for this one since Sundays aren’t on the calendar!

Week 3: Endings and Beginnings!

The first day of the week starts with a fond farewell to PCH’s Primed to Win Event. Monday 7/9 is your last day to enter to win Gift Cards, and since Multiple Winners Are Guaranteed, it’s best that you’re entered! Now as one door closes, another door opens. PCH is dealing up an exciting new sweepstakes – the SILVER ACE OF SPADES Prize Event!  This new sweeps will run from July 15 – July 19, and one of our valued sweepstakes entrants will DEFINITELY CASH OUT with $25,000.00! Again, keep an eye on your emails and mobile notifications for details.

Week 4: Need Mega Money

Week four doesn’t disappoint either! On Sunday July 22, PCHlotto’s Mega Money Multiplier Event begins! PCHlotto has a hot new card – the Mega Money Multiplier that fans can play daily for a chance to win up to $250,000.00 depending on which multiplier they get: 2X, 4X, 5X or the TOP TIER 10X Multiplier! So, to celebrate this exciting new way to win, we’re having an Exclusive Event, where in addition to the daily multiplier prizes, PCHlotto Players will have a shot at $25,000.00 CASH – GUARANTEED TO BE AWARDED on August 1st! Lastly, don’t forget to visit PCHSearch&Win on Friday the 20th, while you’re at it, for 10X Entries to Win a $1,000.00 S&W Exclusive! So much to do!

Week 5: All Good Things Must Come to an End.

Week five brings us to the end of our calendar and to the end of July. It also brings us to the end of the PCHlotto Mega Money Multiplier Event. Thursday 7/26 will be the last day to enter to win $25,000.00 – but the Mega Money Multiplier card will be a regular on the PCHlotto card lineup, which means you can still go for $250,000.00 every day!

Well, that concludes Your PCH Schedule – New Sweepstakes For July. There’s a lot of great opportunities to look out for and forward to, so keep your eye on the prize events – and on the prizes! Remember – there is something to do every day at PCH. Tons of sweepstakes and games are available every day! Good luck to everyone out there – sure hope WINNING is on your calendar for July!

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Online Creative


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