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Has The PCH Prize Patrol Ever Gone to The Wrong House?

Here’s a question that might be on your mind, with our “Win 1,000 A Day For Life” prize event a little over two weeks away: Has The PCH Prize Patrol Ever Gone to The Wrong House?

The answer to this common question is “yes”, but only on a handful of occasions — which isn’t bad in view of the nearly 1,000 Big Check deliveries we’ve made.

Once we knocked at the door of 75 Jefferson St.  The woman of the house answered, and we said, “Mrs. Jones?”  And she said no.  We replied “Hmm. Our instructions say 75 Jefferson St.”  Then she said, “East Jefferson or West Jefferson?”  We answered, “It doesn’t say.”  Then she looked at the flowers and balloons and sadly stated, “This is East Jefferson; you probably want West Jefferson.  I wish I was Mrs. Jones!”  Sure enough, we found Mrs. Jones on West Jefferson, and she was “over the moon” happy that we found her.

On another occasion we approached the winner’s home and encountered a long ramp to the front door.  Thinking the person inside might have some mobility issues, we asked a neighborly bystander on the sidewalk, “Do you think Mrs. Smith can get to the door easily?” – to which the neighbor replied, “Oh no!  The Smiths don’t live there!  They live next door!”  Again, there was a happy ending to that tale.

In both these cases, some better signage would have helped and speeded up the delivery.

Another time any signage would have helped.  There was none!  We were in a very rural area where all the locals and postmen knew where everyone lived without the benefit of street signs or house numbers.  So, we had to knock on some doors to find the rightful recipient of the Big Check.  That caused some very excited reactions from the first few people who opened their doors – until they sheepishly realized that they hadn’t entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, so they could not have won.  These envious “losers” directed us to the right house, and as they watched the joyful “winning moment” of their lucky neighbor, they resolved to change their ways and enter our sweepstakes without fail.

As PCH fans, you know that “You have to be in it to win it,” so keep entering every chance you get.  And make sure we have your address right.  We want to deliver that Big Check without delay (and I bet you’ll say “Amen” to that).

Good luck.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador


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