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5 Things To Do To Get Pumped Up For Prize Day

Hello, dearest fans!

You must all be so excited for tomorrow’s delivery of our SuperPrize! You’re not? Well, there’s plenty of reasons to be! If you entered to win our latest SuperPrize, the Prize Patrol could be coming to YOU!

So, what are you going to do to prepare for Prize Day? Here are 5 great ways to get pumped up for Prize Day!

5. Tidy Up!

Now, this may seem like a strange way to get excited, but if you entered to win our latest SuperPrize, then the Prize Patrol could be on their way to you! Perhaps it’s time to give the mantle a good dusting, vacuum the carpet, and fluff the couch pillows! Our winners are seen live on the InsidePCH show and you’d want to look your very best!

4. Clear Your Schedule

If the Prize Patrol is on their way to you, then you’ll want to be there to see them! How cool would it be to see the Prize Patrol van pull up outside YOUR house?

But don’t worry! Even if you happen to be out of the house, the Prize Patrol will always be able to find you! Whether might be at home, at work, or running errands at the grocery store, the Prize Patrol will be able to find you!

3. Catch Up On PCH Social Media!

PCH social media will be buzzing for Prize Day! Take some time to catch up on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook for some great updates, and even take a peek at the PCH Instagram—sometimes the Prize Patrol will post clues from the road, and you may recognize where they’re going!

2. Watch The Live Broadcast

Tune in to InsidePCH to watch the live broadcast! You’ll see familiar faces such as Eve Fish, our Winnerologist and Matt, the Stats Man! On the show, you’ll get to see some classic winning moments, hear about upcoming prize events, and get exclusive insider know-how!

1. Keep Entering!

There’s no better way to increase your chances of winning than entering to win! You can’t win if you don’t enter, and even one entry increases your chances indefinitely than if you don’t enter at all! There is a new SuperPrize coming and what better to do than enter to win?

These are only 5 things to do, but there are certainly many more! What are things YOU do to get excited for Prize Day? Leave your activities in the comments section; maybe you’ll even get some ideas from fellow PCH’ers!

Of course, even if you do not win today’s SuperPrize, keep up hope! PCH has awarded over $390 million in prizes and there’s more coming! Keep in good spirits, fans! Congratulate tomorrow’s winner and keep that good Karma going—what goes around, comes around, right?

Chin up, fans! And get excited for Prize Day!

Kira T.
PCH Creative Intern


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