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It’s VIP Private Access Week

Happy Labor Day, friends and fans!

I hope you’re enjoying this last holiday weekend of the summer, barbecuing with friends and family, maybe with a sojourn at the nearest beach or lake. In the world of PCH, though, it’s not just Labor Day — it’s the start of VIP Private Access Week! We’ll be awarding our loyal VIPs (and of course our incredible VIP Elites) with exclusive cash prizes all week long!*

Having VIP Private Access Week kick off the week of Labor Day might be a coincidence, but I think it’s the perfect time to celebrate our VIPs and VIP Elites. Labor Day was founded to honor hardworking Americans, and our VIP and VIP Elite members sure put in the effort to keep their status…and deserve their extra rewards!

“But wait, Will!” you’re saying. “PCH already has tons of exclusive prizes for its VIPs. What’s so special about this week?”

The Prize Amount Increases EVERY DAY…PLUS an Event Prize Will Be Awarded EVERY NIGHT!

That’s right! Starting with tomorrow’s guaranteed minimum payout of $1,000.00, every day, the prize for a VIP increases by $500.00! So tomorrow, it’s $1,500.00, then the day after, it’ll be $2,000.00, and it will keep going up like that until Sunday…where the prize will jump to $5,000.00 to end the week!

But that’s just for VIP Winners. If you’re a VIP Elite, there’s even more as it stake, because…

VIP Elites Get DOUBLE!



If the day’s Prize Access Week winner is a VIP Elite, they will get DOUBLE the base prize! Win tomorrow’s prize as a VIP Elite? Instead of $1,000.00, you’ll get $2,000.00! Win on Friday? A VIP would get $2,500.00, but if you’re a VIP Elite, that’s $5,000.00!

And win on Sunday? A VIP Elite would take home TEN THOUSAND AMERICAN DOLLARS! That’s a lot of money!

The Perks of Being a VIP or a VIP Elite

Our current VIP and VIP Elites can tell you all about the special rewards they get: exclusive prizes, multiple entries into the SuperPrize, mailings just for members at their level (where they can claim their special rewards, including their entries to VIP Private Access Week), and even a private customer service hotline!

If you’re a PCH fan, it’s in YOUR best interest to become a VIP or VIP Elite! So how do you do it?

Your best bet is to remember to enter every single day! Search at Search&Win and Frontpage, complete your cards at Lotto and Keno, and play at Games and Play&Win. Your continuous activity will make you a VIP in just no time at all!

Of course, we give our non-VIPs star treatment, too! For example, this week is ALSO Prize Access Week, and someone will win $5,000.00! But to get the fullest out of being a PCH fan, it’s time to LEVEL UP and become a VIP!


Will F.
PCH Creative

*Only one prize a day will be awarded, to either a VIP or VIP Elite. Be sure to enter to win!

P.S. Come back to the blog this afternoon to view our latest TV commercials for our $2,500 A Week “Forever” Prize!



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  1. Boy oh boy, I would not know where to begin but I can say this, if I won this Jesus would be the first because without him I don’t think I would play at all. I am fighting for my life and playing this game and I hope I can win them both. I am in it to win it, I start radiation treatments Monday November 13 wish me well!

  2. Well, I have been playing a long time and I blessed every time I received anything from Pch so I keep the faith and still play it’s a lot of so many games too play to get token or money to win just keep the faith.

  3. Hey, Blog Post, sounds sweet! This is going to be fine, if I could get delivery by no later than EOM November. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but I work through horrific pain, and 12 hrs., it’s hard on me! I lost a few lbs. by not eating until 6 or 7am! I love to eat, but when you’re cruising down an 8 lane Hwy, well, you just “ Suck it Up! “ But that’s the way my life has been! Lots happening now! I won’t ruin your day! We found people that were hiding from voting! They said they were afraid of going to the polls and standing in line. They figured they’d get into a brawl or something. Next year will be the toughest year you and I have faced in decades! So, ya got to come out next time, it always matters that we get everyone involved by peacefully talking! No room for violence! Love ya!

  4. I entered PCH search and win $10,000 000 million dollars sweepstakes publishers Clearing House and added PCH pinterest love Cortez L I hope this VIP elite win

  5. It tell me all the time I’m the best of the best and it said that I got VIP full access pass last night so I have a piece of paper here and he says executive $5,000 a week forever as number one c1969b 1 million dollars plus $2 million dollar upgrade