September Month in Winning At Search&Win

Now that it’s officially fall, wouldn’t it also be great to have a WindFALL? You may have been one of our many lucky winners in the month of August, or are you one of our September winners? Keep reading to see the list!

The changing of the seasons brings so much joy—the turning leaves, a slight chill in the air…and perhaps even a taste of winning for some of you! Our fantastic September Search&Win prizewinners know the feeling, and you could too! Just head on over to Search&Win and get to searching! Who knows, you could become one of our next winners!

Now here are our September Search&Win Month In Winning Prizewinners!

Dixie C.Plymouth, IN$75.00 Cash
Bill S.Clarksville, TN$75.00 Cash
Gregory M.Las Vegas, NV$25.00 Cash
Ryan M.Danville, VA$25.00 Cash
Mark F.Waverly Hall, GA$25.00 Cash
Stephanie H.Hokes Bluff, AL$25.00 Cash
Michael A.North Little Rock, AR$100.00 Cash
Margaret L.Ontario, CA$100.00 Cash
Ashley R.Farr West, UT$75.00 Cash
Suzanne U.Bayonne, NJ$75.00 Cash
Charles W.Brownstown, MI$75.00 Cash
Gene E.Rockingham, NC$25.00 Cash
Francisco C.El Paso, TX$25.00 Cash
Carey H.Tallahassee, FL$25.00 Cash
Theresa O.San Antonio, TX$25.00 Cash
Iris C.Lihue, HI$75.00 Cash
Jeffery S.Hudson Falls, NY$25.00 Cash
Joe S.Pontotoc, MS$25.00 Cash
Kathleen S.Conway, SC$25.00 Cash
Connie B.Litchfield, MI$25.00 Cash

How amazing is that?! And these are only some of our many winners for the month of September! Imagine if your name is on our prizewinner list next month!

Are you in it to win it, fans? Keep searching and you could become a prizewinner, too! It may sound like only a dream, but with Search&Win, YOU COULD BECOME A PCH PRIZE WINNER NEXT MONTH!

What do you like to search for? Maybe you’re a cooking fanatic, and you like to search for the latest and greatest recipes! Or perhaps you’re a brainiac, searching to find how many pounds of butter were on board the Titanic (hint: it was 6,000 lbs!). Leave us a comment below of your favorite thing to search for!

And remember, as long as you keep searching, you could become a prizewinner!


Kira T.
PCH Creative Intern

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  1. I am in love with PCH…wishing everyone winning millions and millions…!! Best of luck to everybody!! And of course…I am also praying to God…hearing the sound of: Knock-Knock at my door!!