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What to Search This Month at PCHSearch&Win

Happy haunts, PCH’ers!

It’s the spookiest month of the year, and my roommates have had Halloween decorations up since September! Maybe they were jumping the gun a little bit, but it’s been a fun topic of conversation in the house. What’s even better is that some of the decorations were made by hand! That got me thinking: what fun things could I make for the upcoming haunt of Halloween? I jumped straight on to PCHSearch&Win to find out!

DIY Halloween Decorations

Did you know that you can make little ghosts to hang from your trees out of tissue paper? Or even fun skeletons out of paper towel rolls! There are so many fantastic ideas for DIY decorations, and all you have to do is hop on to Search&Win to discover all of these ghoulish delights!

Devlishly Good Dishes!

How cute are these mummy dogs?! You can find super-easy dishes just like this one for your Halloween party! The best part? Some of their recipes only ask for three ingredients! The only thing that’s scary is how easy it is to make your Halloween a hit!

Take a peek for some Halloween treats and you may be surprised at what you find! There are bewitching tombstone sandwiches, deviled egg eyeballs, batty cheeseballs and so many more!

Spooky Sweets!

You’re going to need something sweet to accompany your main course…why not some fun and freaky desserts! You can find everything from spiderweb cupcakes to pretzel stick witch’s fingers, and all you have to do is search!

My personal favorite when I was growing up was a candy apple mummy! Dip your apple in colored candy melts and then stripe on some white chocolate to make it look bandaged up! Add some candy eyes and ta-da! A candy mummy fit for a museum!

With Search&Win, you’ll be able to find so many wonderful treats, without any of the tricks! And you’ll be entered to win our latest SuperPrize with your first search of the day after logging on!

Hallowed Haunts

Why not search for some haunted houses or corn mazes nearby? It’s a hauntingly fun way to spend an afternoon or evening, and you can even take your friends and family with you! A local farm may be hosting a pumpkin patch picking, too!

If you’d like to keep the ghouls and ghosts at home, you can even search for some fun Halloween activities! Create a backyard pumpkin patch for the kids to run around! They can even decorate the pumpkins with markers and glitter glue for a fun effect!

My roommates and I like to host a “door decorating” competition, where each person decorates their bedroom door for Halloween! The person with the coolest door WINS!

And you can be a winner too, with PCH Search&Win!

Happy Haunting!

Are you a Halloween fanatic, or do you prefer the more subdued fall-time activities? Let us know some of your favorite Halloween or fall traditions in the comments!


Kira T.
PCH Creative Intern

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