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How Would Weekly Payments Help You?

They could start — $2,500 paid every week for life like clockwork — with the arrival of the Prize Patrol on October 26th — less than 2 weeks away!  If YOU become the winner, your life would change instantly, knowing that you’d receive $2,500 A Week For Life and that after that, those payments would go on for the lifetime of someone you’d choose.

YOU’VE GOT JUST 7 MORE DAYS TO ENTER if you want our 10/26 “Forever” Prize to Help YOU!

With weekly $2,500 Prize Payments — adding up to $130,000.00 a year — worrying about unpaid bills, balances, interest and penalties would all go away. And that would be FOR LIFE, giving the winner financial freedom for the rest of her or his days. That’s certainly one BIG way that winning could help!

If you’re like so many of our Sweepstakes winners, you really wish you could help your loved ones out with all kinds of things, from paying their medical bills and fixing up their homes to sending the kids to summer camp and taking the gang on an unforgettable vacation. That’s another way a lifetime of weekly $2,500 Checks could help YOU if you win!


Starting Friday, October 26th, our winner would have $2,500 Weekly Payments to spend on First Class getaways, putting a pool in the backyard, shopping for new cars, eating out at fine restaurants and just “chilling” on the new deck, listening to dinner sizzling on the brand new, top-of-the-line gas grill.

With an annual $130,000 “salary” of $2,500 A Week “Forever” prize checks, our winner could remodel his or her home from top to bottom — or head on over to the realtor to buy an amazing new dream home. Does that sound like the kind of help you could use?

I CAN’T EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH: if you become our $2,500 A Week “Forever” winner, not only would YOU enjoy a lifetime of weekly payments, those payments would continue AFTER that for someone you love. Be it a spouse, child, grandchild or dear friend, someone near and dear would receive a wonderful legacy from our October 26th winner.

Enter now and every day until October 23 to go for the weekly payments that could help YOU.

It’s REALLY important to do that, because you don’t know which entry could turn out to be a match for the winner. There are SO many fun, fast, easy ways to enter — click on this link to find out how  — and promise me you’ll do it today, tomorrow, the next day — every day until the October 23rd “cut-off.”

I really hope that I’ve got you thinking about how weekly $2,500 A Week “Forever” payments could help you — and after that, someone you love.

Don’t let me down … enter now!

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