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#WinnerWednesday: What Would You Do If You Won A PCH Prize?

Greetings, fans and friends,

Yes, it’s #WinnerWednesday once again, when we celebrate PCH winners of smaller prizes!

Now, I know you’re all super-excited about the “Forever” Prize we’ll be awarding on October 26th … $2,500.00 A Week For Life to the winner, and then after that $2,500.00 A Week For Life to a beneficiary the winner chooses!

But did you also know that Publishers Clearing House awards prizes all the time? Every 5 minutes there’s another PCH winner! By the time you finish reading and commenting on this blog, someone has probably won a PCH prize.

So, what would you do if you won a PCH Prize … of any amount?

Our winners of smaller prizes have plenty to say about what they’ll do with their winnings:

“I’m going to buy my fishing license and make a payment on a bill,” says Lillian K. of Houston, TX, a $100 winner.

“Going to play golf!” says $20 winner Bob C. of Chesterbrook, PA.

“Order Chinese food take-out for me and my husband while we watch a movie,” says Karen D. of West Liberty, KY, who won $20 from PCH.

“Spend it on my grandchildren,” says $20 winner Beverly J. of Lewisville, TX.

“Church offerings” is the answer from Melanie H. of Garner, NC, a $100 PCH winner.

“Lunch!” says Nolan W., of Colorado Springs, CO, who won a $20 PCH prize.

“Put it toward my washer replacement part,” says $25 winner Thomas D. of Kennewick, WA.

“Towards a cruise that I am going on with my family,” says Carolann M. of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, who won a $100 prize.

Hold on to it for a rainy day,” says Lois S., a $100 PCH winner from Hemet, CA.

“It’s a secret …. Shhhh!” says $100 PCH winner Feance T. of Hermitage, PA.

Krystal R., a Red Diamond VIP Elite from Chicago, IL, reached out to us on the blog to say that the small prizes she won from PCH are not stopping her from going for bigger and better prizes. “I LOVE hearing about PCH winners – they are so inspiring!” Krystal states. “And guess what, I’m a winner too!! I’ve won a $10 Amazon gift card and was mailed a $10 check! Other people can scoff, but I take it as one step closer to something more amazing and life-changing!!!”

Krystal explains that if she won a PCH SuperPrize she could use the money to buy a house and a brand-new car, as well as help the most important people in her life. She would also travel to Hawaii with her mom.

Wow! All of you have such wonderful plans! And it’s really inspiring that so many of you have dreams of winning BIG someday!

So, whether you want to win enough to pay this month’s bills … or whether you’re hoping to win our legacy-making “Forever” Prize, my advice remains the same: Enter every day in every way you can, and someday, perhaps your wishes will come true!

Good Luck,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What would you do if you won a PCH prize? Comment below!

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  1. If I win the big prize I would pay bills and give to charity and put trust funds for my grand kids and my daughter, then plan a vacation to England and a lot of little vacations and who knows?

  2. Well if I win, I’m going to start a new life right way. I would love to move the mountain and take care of a few people that I would like to help. It would be a blessing!

  3. If I was lucky to win for life, I’d like to visit my son’s family and take a cruise. Maybe to the Bahamas. I definitely need hearing aides so I would buy them. I enjoy writing and painting so I would have money to get my work published.. Yes, I have many ideas of what I would do should I win !??

  4. There are tons of things to do with money that you win! Perhaps, help someone… That would be nice, especially
    Now! And those things should never be
    Ignored like they have! Maybe you could stop eating wiener broth soup! Or help the people next to you that needs to get their child to school! Whatever it is, you’ll feel better inside and help someone that needs it! Thank You!?

  5. I would like to win just enough money to get a car mine is too expensive to fix, and some teeth I only have 5 bottoms left its hard to eat sometimes. Then of course I would buy some of the wonderful items I see everyday that I wish for, just living on fixed income barely over 900 dollars and food stamps. I cant afford much of anything and being 68 I don’t have anything to spare maybe one day I will get something I can only hope and wish ty.

  6. Hi everyone first I want you to know I am not a blogger but love to read them. Behind all this trouble is a real person to me she is the daughter I never had that’s right She hates to get her face dirty she eat from a fork. You tell me what she is.? On to PCH if they make it possible I have tried since 1973 when I graduated. I will spend your money ever so wisely a small business in a baby boutique love those babies to spoil then send home to Mom and Dad !! My honey a trip to Alaska on a Fishing trip. The salmon bite like I hope your biting on my blog. Then last of all every woman dream off to do shopping low end hi end stores they all shop, and for me that means no more hand me down clothes. As i near the end I would share with you how much PCH DID FOR ME!!!